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Can I be disqualified for the Marine Corps, when I have taken drugs?

Posted in Babysitting on 5th September 2013

Can I be disqualified for the Marine Corps, when I have taken drugs?
I recently went to my office recruiters and admitted that I did drugs in high school, the thing is. Not on my plate, and I have no drugs in approximately 9 to 10 years Now my original recruiter told me that it was okay, because I have no lasting effects of being a stupid teenager, but recently he was re-delivered to the fleet (MEU he is so he is on a ship in the Navy) and my lost data, so I went in and re-did all the things, and they called me and told me that I was not for marines because of my stupid mistake as a child was (and I emphasize child.) I guess what I’m trying want to say is something that so long ago, my chances of actually cause or are they just using that as a reason to not allow you to accompany me, and is there something I do, it would be able to change minds? The best answer (s):

response from ~ dreamer ➳
get drug tested, and if you do not pass, you do not have it already in the military bekommen.Wenn years the stuff is deleted from your system, and you do not have the test machen.Warum you yourself tell your recruiter about you doing drugs, something that every teenager does?, you should know how drug tests work, and how much the drugs out of your system.

reply by eric it does not bother you when you know you can pass a drug test and your good do not say anything you would degrade, even if their in the past.

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response from Michael
too late … Your answer is already in the record and can be accessed from any Armed Forces recruiter.

response from retired AF
can you be? No you be? ABSOLUTELY! They have never really wanted to have the military, because why would you admit something you want to know to be a show stopper to a recruiter? especially if it has 9 or 10 years sicne you did it (what do you have? a slide in elementary school?) and there was no record of it? let me guess … you go to a certain mother, look at her little girl and say, “I’m a pedo … and I think your little girl has the tightest looking ass … can I come babysit?” and then to come here and ask if they might back down to babysit your offer? any intelligent person. speak of a self-fulfilling prophecy!