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Issue display defeat Hillary Clinton?

Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question by Aegis of Freedom : Output display to defeat Hillary Clinton ?
My idea for an issue ad Hillary in 08 defeat camera zooms care to a family of her own business in their Haus.Erzähler “Hillary’s universal health care plan pay raise this family’s taxes for their health care.” Father “But we already have health care” Hillary’s voice screaming “Shut up!” narrator “Hillary’s plan force this family to go to the doctor.” parent “But we are not sick.” Hillarys shows voice screaming “Shut up!” Split Screen now the family of the neighbor, a £ 300 man eating Twinkies and smoked a cigarrette.Erzähler “Hillary’s plan, this family takes the money for their neighbors health care to pay.” Child “But, he decided to eat poorly and smoke, why Mom and Dad have to pay?” Hillary’s voice screaming “Shut up!” narrator “Hillary’s plan: Family forced to take his mouth and” what do you mean Best Answer:

response of Schoenberg Conservative
I think I am fired laughing so hard! ROTFLOL! This was priceless! LOL !!!!!!!!

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