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Anyone disappointed that Republicans hold the popular provisions Obamacare?

Posted in Child Care on 6th March 2013

Who disappointed that Republicans hold the popular provisions Obamacare?
I heard Republicans go on and on about “How dare you force it, that the health care company, to keep my college age kids on my health,” and also the provision to keep the provision on non-discrimination against people with Vorerkrankungen.Und now the Republicans actually support these two Bestimmungen.http :/ / Best Answer (s):

response from A-Rod Namikaze
The individual mandate is the worst part.

response from GOZ2FAST
Even a broken clock can be right twice a day … if that’s all they are good 2800 pages of garbage it should be so.

answer I’m losing it. you
are so over the fact that they complain compromised? This is a problem for you?

answer by Elana
Aw C’mon. Have you found out that most of the “I’d get rid of it all” is crowing only partison? Most Republican politicians know that this country is the health system in trouble, and most know that the insurance company stranglehold warum.Mein only problem with Obama care is that it is a half of a $ $ ed solution. If you plan to socialize medicine are doing it in a way that does not create more paperwork than it braucht.Der average Americans receive poorer health care than most of the industrialized world, which has a kind of nationalized health care. Perhaps not very rich Americans get excellent health care, but the average American. And of course, get poor Americans terrible care.

response from Brian
Actually no one is forcing insurance companies to those children to keep their plans. they forced employers to allow parents, these children on the plan and allowed the families, their children on the family plan to hold longer hold, the insurance companies would continue to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions bezahlt.Soweit I think it is wrong to force a, company against an incident that has already taken place to insure. I think it is wrong for a customer, the insurance has to pay after an incident occurs drop though.

reply by Kiran C
requesting coverage of the existing conditions without a mandate before is a recipe for disaster. Coverage of children up to 25 and the other benefits of ACA effective in the first six months only adds 2% percent increase in health care costs. Create a guaranteed issue policy without the mandate caused insurance premiums to rise quickly.

response from u_wish_i_would_talk_2_u