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Q & A: neglect of a mentally disabled woman?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of knightrider235 : neglect of a mentally disabled woman
I handle big Responsible Gaming for a casino. I have a situation with a mentally disabled woman who frequented my casino with her mentally retarded bf almost every day. My dilemma is, they are both on one with the free shuttle, and in return get $ 5 to play with. This is all the money they have. Once the money they wonder the casino harass other guests. When we confront them irrate. We also found that she is diabetic and I treat her multiple times. We tried their legal guardians to sign to her father to exclude documents to keep them from riding the bus to the casino is to get, but he refuses. I feel it with us as a way to “babysit” her, while he is at work. I’m trying to convince my casino to do a forced expulsion, but they say it is no legal reason to do so. Is there anyway I can someone to help this girl? Everyone seems to think that it is “not their problem” ist.Wir asked him about sending someone with her eye on them and retain his answer was: “She is great girl, she can take care of themselves.” How Part of the trouble they tend to stand behind other guests as they play what the guests very uncomfortable. If they are asked to step away or they are moving along very excited and irrate both the guest and the staff Best Answer.

reply Girlygirl
propose guardian of the woman to someone who help her go with her. and her boyfriend. I am sure he will at least be considered.

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