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Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rash

Posted in Babysitting on 27th February 2012

Why Do Babies Get Diaper Rash

Article by Dave J Smith

Let’s face it, wetness and babies don’t mix. Wetness is the major reason why babies get diaper rash. Why does this happen? Babies can’t change themselves. Babies urinate and have looser stool, which means moisture. Moisture coupled with the heat contained within the diaper is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which is the source of diaper rash in your baby. If you don’t change your baby’s diaper soon after a bowel movement, then the longer your baby sits and stews, the greater the chances for a run with diaper rash.

Older babies have problems with diaper rash when they get sick. Doctors prescribe antibiotics, which can cause a bout with diarrhea, which increases the risk of getting diaper rash. The domino effect, isn’t it. This means that, if you have an older baby who is on antibiotics, then you need to be prepared for more frequent diaper changes.

Response time plays a key role in whether or not your baby will either get diaper rash, or how long it lasts. While today’s parents have a busy lifestyle, it is no excuse for not looking to your baby’s diaper changing needs, preferrably within a couple of hours from the time of urination or bowel movement. The longer you put it off — or forget all about it — the worse things will be for your baby, and you.

Remember, too, that the soap you use in your baby’s clothes might cause an allergic reaction, so be wary of this when you wash their clothes. Also, certain powders or petroleum jelly can reactive unfavorably with your baby’s sensitive skin. Be alert to this if you use powders to dry the skin after changing.

So, change quickly, change often, watch for allergic reactions, especially with soaps, powders and solid foods, and you will lessen the suffering caused by a diaper rash infection.

Where can I find toddler size plastic diaper covers?

Posted in Toddlers on 10th November 2010

question by Chris H : Where can I find toddler size plastic diaper covers at ?
Hello my son stays with me on the weekends and he still wears diapers. I would like to find her plastic diaper covers so that it can use only his diaper for extra protection. I know my parents have for me when I was a baby, but I have looked everywhere for this and it seems that no stores sell them. I have tried Walmart, but they only have up to a size 3T and I’ve also tried Big Lots but all I could find was the small size indicates. I am for the “mini” size ones for him because they seek to offer a better fit. So does anyone know what stores the “mini” size sell those? and does anyone know why they arent that popular, since they are back in the day Best Answer:

reply sunflower477
you can find at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Thrift Stores, Shops dangerous characteristics …….. oh and yard to be sold big for her!

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