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Baby Sitting Rates – Major Things to Consider When Determining the Rate For Your Baby Sitter

Posted in Babysitting on 10th August 2011

Baby Sitting Rates – Major Things to Consider When Determining the Rate For Your Baby Sitter

When employing a babysitter we’d want to determine fair babysitting rates. But what exactly is the “right” rate” for your babysitter? While sitters generally earn around to an hour while babysitting, not all charge a similar amount. In fact, sitter rates could range anywhere from to per hour. There are some variables that should be considered when attempting to set babysitting fees, since there is not one standard rate.

Babysitting is one of the most popular jobs among teenagers, so it won’t be hard to determine the usual babysitting rates around your neighborhood. You could begin asking parents in the area what they normally pay their babysitters. Ideally, the rate charged by teenagers who are first-time or less experienced babysitters should be around to . You would not want to pay or more for someone at a relatively young age to have your kids sit in front of the TV for a few hours.


Let’s get into the major determining factors of babysitting fees:

– Location
– Babysitting training and CPR certification
– Years of experience
– Tasks and responsibilities
– Schedule
– Number of children and their ages

The location is a determining factor since you and your sitter will have to agree whether you’ll provide transportation or not. Moreover, most sitters will claim to have some form of babysitting training, CPR certification and many years of experience, so make sure to check for references. The more time and effort it takes to baby-sit, the higher the pay. This is one reason why nannies generally charge more than regular babysitters. If you’re going to require things like some cooking, cleaning, tutoring or caring for several children, then the rate is likely to be considerably higher. Finally, the schedule will also affect the rate. For instance, the holidays are pretty hectic, and everyone will want to book babysitters.

These are just the basic considerations to take when setting babysitting rates. Just remember that you could always negotiate with your babysitter and set a rate that both of you are satisfied with.