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Why is it important to have a sustainable house design and what features a home needs to make it sustainable?

Posted in Child Support on 24th November 2013

Why it is important to design a sustainable house and what features a home needs to make it sustainable?
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Answer by Helmut
definitions of sustainability on the web: extend: extend or expand in duration or space: “We suffered the diplomatic negotiations as long as possible”; “extend the treatment … suffer: to undergo (as of injuries and illnesses), “She suffered a fracture in the accident”, “He had an insulin shock after eating three candy bars”, “She has a bruise on his leg “” He has his arm broken in the scuffle “nourish: provide food:” We are continuing on bread and water “,” This kind of food is not nourishing for young children “supply with necessities and support;” She alone sustained her family “,” The money is to get our good cause “;” There’s little to earn and many to “hold: that the physical support, take the weight,” The beam holds the roof “;” He supported me with a hand while I balanced on the beam “,” What holds the mirror “to admit as valid;” The court sustained the motion? “Confirm: establish or strengthen as new evidence or facts,” his story confirmed my doubts “” The evidence of the defendant “sustain and sustainable are words that so now it add a lot of semantic Abuse necessary modifiers to determine which” you used the brand “sustainability mean subjected haben.Gestaltung sustainable house of meaning, a house to design that would not disintegrate immediately and could easily be repaired with materials at hand.