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Posted in Child Care on 19th December 2010

The father of my children is currently being held by immigration, they are trying to deport him and the excuse they are using is a ticket that he recieved in 2001 for having a dollar in his bag that had drug residue on it, a friend that he was was with it at the time claimed ownership and repeatly said that it was his. They also gave him a drug test which came out clean. Is this something that can be legally done. He tried talking to the judge and from my understanding he was very rude and did not give him a chance to present any letters or statments or even hear him out. Does anyone have any information or suggestions. Im doing this for my daughters sake they are both going thru bouts of depression because they havent seen him in 10 months. My mother who was at the hearing said that when he told the judge that he didnt do anything worng in 01 and that he has 2 daughers to take of the judge told him “who cares” well my children care! If anyone can help whould greatly appericiate it.

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Answer by Yak Rider
Yes, he can be deported and that’s why he’s in ICE custody at this time. If he’s an illegal alien he WILL be deported…. drug residue or no drug residue.

If they make a drug case against him the chances of him ever being allowed back into the USA are between slim and none.

Answer by David
the question remains …is his in the US illegally

Answer by Hugo
You don’t state whether or not he’s a permanent resident, illegal alien or here on a visa. If he falls into either of the two latter categories, the judge doesn’t really need a reason to deport him because he doesn’t have a legal right to stay. Sorry. It sounds like deportation is inevitable.

Answer by George L
if he was convicted, certainly he can be deported. however, you don’t mention whether he has any legal status in the US or not. so, if he doesn’t have any status to begin with, he can be deported for that, whether he was convicted for any crimes or not. if you’re not married, there simply won’t be anything you can do about it, now or later. if you really want to help him, help him get a good immigration attorney to see if anything can be done or not. it’s too late for suggestions on Yahoo at this point, he needs real legal advice.

Answer by Penny
There are a lot of unanswered questions in your post. I would say, at this time the only thing which you can do is seek the advice of a good immigration lawyer—if the lawyer suggests there is nothing which can be done–then the only thing which you can do is prepare your self and children for his deportation.