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Have you noticed how some “Mothers” to say here, I have degrees and all that, but stay at home mothers?

Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

question by ஐ ♥ ♥ ஐ Julian’sMommy : Have you noticed how some “Mothers” to say here, I have degrees and all that, but stay at home mothers are ?
I’ve seen some on here to say: “I have a degree in this or any other one has really said:” I have every degree under the sun “and yet they still stay at home mothers with children left and right and then they have enough courage to put other mothers to stay home. (By the way i am proud to be a stay at home and wife to be and I have nothing against mothers who work) But how can these people claim to have degrees and they are so much better than you, if they are the ones at home popping babies out left and right, I do not mean you think of when they were missing, taken their degrees in use, they would brag about from place to work? It makes me sick as some people seem better here than the next person sind.Ja the same claim that he had the degree, which are then left with babies and put them right, what other mothers stay at home below. No one is better than any andere.Ich ‘m not bashing anyone, try to make a point that NO ONE is better than the next person machen.Die most of you do not even reading the question are at all correct. I am not against someone who is a measure of whatever is I have nothing against work or at home remain Mütter.Nur because you have a degree in whatever does not make you a better person than the other staying at home that does not have a degree. Do you all understand or not ? (I was always told not to show off what you have, so have i dont get why some people show off what they think they have and how they think they are better) Best Answer:

response from MKB
No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

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