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Can social security to cheat a child of his money then deduct money for “free care” if we took it over?

Posted in Child Care on 30th October 2010

question by Peggy G : Can Social Security is a child of his money cheat then deduct money for “free care” if we took him at ?
We have a teenager whose father was dead and his mother was a drinker. He should be receiving social security for the death of his father, then on your own, because they acutely dyslexic. We have the letter today and it says that Soc Sec is at $ 224.66 from his check every month, go back to the beginning of which he has lived for two years with us “deserve” as its trigger? Set the value of the care we gave him $ 224.66 per month, but keep it for yourself? Hello, we took him in because he could not take care of themselves, and they are going to keep the money for it? How do I collect have taken this money, take care of him and try to get him help Voc Rehab and medical assistance, and to treat him like one of my sons? It may not cost him money, but it took U.S. money if they dropped the ball! This seems only right down criminals Soc Sec to me. I’m stumped! Can I claim the money Best Answer:

answer from Doctor Who
Unfortunately not. They do this to anyone who does not pay rent. It is, screwed big time. If he does not have the SS of his father, they would be punished him further have not paid enough taxes to have, although the reason why he has not paid enough taxes, is that he is a disabled child. I have tried to help several people with his problem. It’s not gone out. You should cover medical bills, though. If he then turned off it is for Medicare (federal law on health insurance) and if necessary to qualify the statutory health insurance. (Must be applied for by the state, unless he specifically added security income and social security, in which case I think one of the federal programs would apply for state insurance for you wird.Viel Glück.Gut for you to support the Poor child. We need more people like you in the world.

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