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Q & A: question on how I hurt my family babysitter requests without their feelings decline?

Posted in Babysitting on 17th November 2010

question of inevoielaspreknow : question on how I hurt my family babysitter decline requests without their feelings ?
I’m 17 and I live with my parents. They want me at home with the baby in the first year or two remain, and I think it’s a good idea to. The house is really clean and there are not held smoking. Our only pet is a very clean little dog, hypoallergenic &’s well-trained. I have no problem with my parents, babysitters, they are really good with babies & Kinder.Meine sister also lives with us. It is only a year younger and a half, then at me, and I would see her confidence in my child. She is very excited to be an aunt, but she refuses to change diapers! It’s ridiculous, I do not know how she thinks she can a baby Watch & let him stay in a dirty diaper until someone back … And she’s very immature for her age. Still taking fights with younger cousins, she makes the targeted 2-year-old cousin, we sometimes teased by watching him all the time excited. It scares young children by giving them messed up stories so they have nightmares … so even if my child is older, it’s a bad idea, they have to babysit? I doubt that they will grow up a lot, would babysit wirklich.Meine aunt, but she smokes like a chimney in her house & it’s disgusting. My whole family has asthma, and I just do not want my child to smoke at all. Her house is usually clean with the exception of the floors … that may be cleaned once a month. You are disgusting! And she has 2 dogs, and scales to urinate more & sh * t on the floor, they do not clean up after them immediately, they wait for one of the children, and they are children, so they usually do not … She is mentally unstable. She was abusive, my sister and I when we were little kids, they treated me terribly when I lived with it for a while. The thing is, she does not see that they ever did anything wrong and I’m trying to have a relationship in order to ihr.Sie a 12-year-old daughter (my cousin). My aunt was just telling me the other day, as they pumped in order to babysit. “They only charge $ 5-7 per hour!”. I think this is ridiculous, and my cousin has no previous experience babysitting. do your house is disgusting, as stated above, & I could never express the confidence to baby-sit because they stiehlt.Meine other aunt and uncle baby-sit, but they have 4 guys who are really rough. They let their children run up & down the steep basement stairs because she could run, they have not shut off. They are not always keep a keen eye on their children, they probably would trust their children to see my baby. The 12-year-old is well with them and can even change diapers because he took all his younger brothers, but the house itself has always somewhat Toys & shells all over the place stuff a baby to choke konnte.Ich have no problems with my Großeltern.Also how do I know all these people that I do not want them to just my child, without hurting feelings? For the first year, I can say no just because I breastfeed. I really do not need babysitting, but everyone wants a turn, and finally I babysit and do not want to be too blunt: “I’m sorry, but your house is disgusting” or “Sorry, you do not even see their children” . By the way, the question was not whether I be a parent. I will not be, the parties pledged during my child away to the people! I wonder how to say it is not polite. have left I do not appreciate, judged by my age, I will soon be 18 sein.Ich less than a year of school, I have $ 3,000 put away from even before I ever became pregnant, I was in 2 classes and parenting a nutrition program, where am I check every month, I do not drink or smoke and no drugs (not going to smoke even in the proximity of people!), I do not even hang with friends more, my house is clean and healthy, my parents are supportive I get along with my sister most of the time (she’s just immature for her age), and I do not have a single doctor verpasst.Sie an appointment do not have the right to judge me if you do not know me. Young mothers can be better than older mothers. It has nothing to do with age. . Growing up and thanks to the people who are not so:) Best Answer:

response from Carly You’re
17 and a baby? My advice to you? Give the baby up for adoption released because A) They are too young to have a baby, and B) You seem in an environment that is toxic unfit to raise a child to live.

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