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So Atheist: If your daughter, sister or mother “chose” to work in the adult entertainment biz, you would be ok?

Posted in Working Mothers on 28th December 2013

So Atheist: If your daughter, sister or mother “chose” to work in the adult entertainment biz, you would be fine
I’ve never seen a shameless STRAUSS COME. ! OMG Best Answer (s):

Loosey ™ As long as I
. in free

Reply Sailor Moon IN JESUS ​​LOL
As long as they do not ask me for peer review of their work, I’m A-OK with that.

King of Hearts 4
answer is yes, because in the adult entertainment biz work not physically harm me in any way.

Answer by Ava
No way, because I’d rather not have someone come to me on the street and say yo yo I saw mothers ass on the internet

No. I would be a nuisance to them and asked them to introduce me to one of her friends, or a manufacturer to get me with the other girls to get a movie from Omar.

Reply Kagos
I have no sister. My “mother” decided to continue her career in this line of work. I would strongly believe my daughter, but if she.’s Age of majority, then there is nothing I could do except to try to ensure their safety

Reply MacGuyverism
As long as they introduce me to your friends. Ture story, my first roommate was a stripper ^ _ ^

Answer by Lil ‘Rascal
My daughter, sister or mother is not a “skanky whore”. ….. so it would not happen.

Not a Member Reply
He can come on the way that this economy. Will not bother me.

Acid Zebra
As long I mean 10%.


Dallas Suburbs for single mother, teenage daughter?

Posted in Toddlers on 4th December 2013

Dallas Suburbs for single mother, teenage daughter?
I am thinking of moving to Dallas for my job, I wonder what suburb would be best? For houses, I look forward to everything’m in the 150k-210k-Bereich.Ich a single mom, my daughter is in the 8 . Go to class, so I would a school district with a good sized and high school mögen.Sie is not good at their current school case, the school district for very rich, snooty children is known, and it does not fit in well and is for wearing gemiedenNiedrige of clothes from Hot Topic etc. crime rate is very important for us Best Answer (s):.

lester mount Reply
Check out some of the neighborhoods in Plano or Richardson.

Hey what’s up.Plano low crime rate, but the houses are all the rich people live either expensive in Plano or Friscon.Richardson only had one murder in the last 2 years, I think Richardson is very safe and crime is low, since they find for a 150,000 houses one, I work in richardson very clean and safe.E-mail me back if you need further assistance.

Answer by Prairie Girl your budget housing should be excluded to the suburbs of Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Flower Mound, Coppell and possibly Richardson. Look in these suburbs: Lewisville & Carrollton in North Dallas, Grand Prairie south of Dallas – could find a nice house in this price range, all three have low crime rates, good schools, and you have

<. p> Reply RochelleSC
It really depends on what kinds of “amenities” you are looking for from the community you will live if you are a truly “urban” lifestyle (museums, theaters, unique restaurants and shopping, culture, etc.) want, then I would check into life in a better neighborhood in Dallas city (only a qualified real estate agent can give you the truth about the neighborhooods they sell, trust) and seriously consider your daughter in a Privatschule.Wenn you are looking to feel a “suburb”, and you definitely go to in Dallas (not Ft.Worth) to work, then all other suburbs mentioned are the ones to check. The fine points that I would add are: the real estate market in Plano and Frisco (even with the foreclosure situations) can still be quite intense. Plano is a nationally known community and school district and relocate the people here constantly, the housing market still holds quite competitive. And while Plano schools are good, they are under constant scrutiny by the media, because of a variety of topics. Heroin problems one of the best autism units in the nation This has led to optimize the quarter and continuously change things up, Shuffle administrators around, and basically have what appears to be an “identity crisis.” Schools are not the same throughout the city (though with a teenager brings your choices about 8) and of course, gossip about each of them is just that …. Talk and rumors of people teaching done on / to other schools. (Trust me on this, as a former student and teacher of PISD!) Plano has a lot more well-established infrastructure, culture (albeit, suburban) and enclaves, and if you and your daughter, are very receptive sociable and versatile, can You should have no problem in the “cliques” that Plano is unfortunately also break with known. However, if neither of you is that comfortable with as the “new kid on the block”, the Frisco area might consider ….. because almost no one is originally “Frisco” ….. Frisco is and was the HOT, HOT, HOT place to build a new house (I do not know, it’s a house in this city that are older than 10 years !), but that has all of the problems involved in this situation. The schools are overcrowded (I think they are building one or two new Elementary every year!), The traffic is terrible because all the streets and Frisco is still in its “infant” stage of development of its identity as a city, albeit with three major sports facilities, and two large tollways cut it, go to accelerate this process. I think the chances of your finding a great house in your price range here are probably pretty good because it jump in your price range by people from the apartment complexes in houses they could not really afford a lot of foreclosures. Frisco has a lot to offer if you tolerate being part of a booming community kann.Die other municipalities mentioned. Allen, McKinney, Coppell, and are also great options (I have lived in McKinney for 4 years) Allen is stuck a small town between Plano and McKinney and it’s pretty hard to tell it apart from the other two, although they are building a huge shopping center at 75, what happens is the road of many housing development (but that’s in the Fairview city limits). Allen was a little “blink-and-you miss-it” until recently and its school system is struggling city to its population boom (part of it flows into Plano ISD) aufzuholen.Coppell was only “somewhere in the vicinity of the airport” for years but now, with the development of toll road 121, it’s really started to grow, but that’s all I wissen.McKinney is the oldest community in Collin County, which is a good and bad thing. There is a small art scene here, an actual “downtown” with antiques, boutiques and cafes, as well as a performing arts center (the courthouse rebuilt). There are historically designated houses and guest rooms as in the same neighborhoods “scratch and builds”, and these neighborhoods back to “hood” areas that are just a little scary (this usually means OLD in Collin County!) Then you have STONEBRIDGE …… a multi-level group of planned communities within a community that many families from Plano, Richardson, Dallas, and have in the last 5-7 years is moving because of the amenities for children / families. The latest development is CRAIG RANCH of 121, which is going to be a pretty high-class golf course community. Again, the school system is struggling to keep up with all the train-Ins, and not dictate your house, what school they will attend (can explain a broker), this can be confusing and irritating. We love living here because of the mix of old and new, the multi-cultural aspects, and accessibility to major highways (75, 121, 380) And for those who said that only rich people live in Frisco or Plano. – ROTFL! Give me a break! 4 years ago I bought my house here on a single teacher’s salary, my mother bought her house in Plano 10 years ago on the same, and I know tons of other teachers of Frisco, under 200K in houses leben.Auch GOSSIP People who do not live here! 🙂

Answer by TX2step
Rochelle said that it was good … You could also look at Anna and Melissa, who are more “in the country” and about 5-10 miles north of McKinney. Even extremely low crime rate (if any), and the houses would be less expensive because it further away from Dallas …… Very pretty out there, and not built at all – yet

Answer by ∞ ∞ infiniti
If you do not want your daughter in a snobby stuck up school district, stay away from Plano. Richardson has a very good school district, but there are a lot of immigrant children who are placed by their parents under pressure, remain auszuzeichnen.Auch away from all the schools in the Dallas Independent School District (lousy). Attempt, Lewisville, Coppell , Euless (or one of the mid-cities), Arlington, Grand Prairie, Garland, Mesquite, or depending on the location of your work. These suburbs are fairly close to Dallas and have more economically diverse Populationen.Kriminalitätsstatistik for a certain area to get to the relevant police station under the “Freedom of Information Act”.

Should I pay alimony to my ex when my adult daughter is on her own?

Posted in Child Support on 8th July 2013

Should I pay alimony to my ex when my adult daughter is on her own?
she goes to the school as “independent” and her mother gives her about money every month from child support payments. Is this legal? She has a baby and gave the child her last name, but lives with the father. Oregon child attend school, but now she is a mother with a friend as a family Best Answer (s):.

Reply Sirdjr
What does your court order say? If the court says, to pay, then you pay until the job is no longer valid or you petition the court geändert.Es not have it comes to paying child support, is what is done with the money, or the circumstances of the child. It’s about to obey a court Verfügung.Ich could have stopped reading your question: “Should I pay alimony …”. If there is a court order saying you do something, you need to do something or face the penalties. You can not on itself to make the details arrive. Take the details to the court and let them decide whether they matter.

response of Y! Groups Dads House Ed. Middle
You may need to submit to their emancipated Federal Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-custodial parents Http :/ / / To learn a father’s rights, join Dads House Educational Center in Yahoo Groups. It’s free and access all materials. You can also associate with other fathers going through, and have already gone the same subjects. We have an Educational Manual teaches that everything has to be known in addressing your legal issues. Mention your question here when asked why you are participating and your state want? Http:// Wife Club in Yahoo Groups, for those brave enough to nehmen.http on a man with “baggage” :/ / :/ / / proudstepmomsSeit 22 years I have volunteered my time with divorced / single fathers in family law issues such as child support, teaching them about what the states are not telling support debtors. ♂ ♀