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Why Parents blame games for daily ideas?

Posted in Babysitting on 11th February 2014

Why Parents Games for daily ideas blame?
Okay, so there’s this guy who was playing a video game (Fallout 3) and took several head shots and thought it was real. So having a real gun he attacked police and was designed by seven officers (why not just his leg and hand shoot with a weak gun?) So this group shot of (not so) surprisingly all old mothers say, the video game company should be sued for him to kill. It has been demonstrated that have a menta’s disease, but these mothers sayign the video games it getötet.Wie every time a child does not get something wrong, they make an excuse to say, “Well, he attacked them because his video game has some violence! ” Heck No, I have known that video games are now fake maybe for about 26 years (even before I was born, I knew they were fake) Do they use it as an excuse, or do they really think that video games can be the problem cause? If a child is not enough for an adult game (I mean 10 year old niece play Fallout 3, but my 11-year-old nephew can not even clsoe to be, without somethinf stupid) do not give it to them! The ERSB says Ratchet and Clank and Battlefiedl Bad Company are the same amount of force. to kill in R & C you aliens in BBC kill their people, both bad, so yes, it is a differnce.In my knowledge should someone with a mental illness is not in a position to play a violent game, if it contains some type of disease in which it everything they see my reinact haben.Ich if you shoot him once, and he’s down, is not a weapon in his hands (police cruiser video), why on fire? Best Answer ( s):

adrian <3 Answer
people can be influenced by all sorts of things, whether they know it or not. TV, movies, music and video games are all he has a great influence on the Gesellschaft.Vielleicht have a mental disorder. But this violence shooters probably contributed significantly to his power. Do you think he would have the same chance of going out and shooting someone if he never took the’ve had games? Of course he is not. These video games are what put these thoughts and ideas in his head. It is unfortunate that he performed these thoughts.

Nostalgic for disaster response
with some people who have mental illnesses do video games, provoke them, and they can to try to act the violence that they in to see the game, but movies could do that too. Unfortunately, violence began to increase at the same time video games were so many people tend to blame it on the games. Yes they really think that video games cause problems.

Reply qvontes
Bethesda (Fallout 3 developers) definitely does not deserve to be sued for it. The game is rated M, so he could not have bought it himself and he could have gotten access to a weapon from him. So it is the fault of his parents for A) Buy him a violent video game, if he has a mental disorder, B) allow a gun in the house of a child with a mental disorder, and C) did not explain the differences between reality and virtuality, their . Child

Reply eBetta M has an 8 mnth old 🙂
people are influenced by all sorts of things – especially small children. Today more and more people are “babysit” with video games to their children (not that all parents do). I know a few kids who are over 11 and have played the video game Halo because they 7 or 8 Video games (especially violent) it fit. You have to have trouble differentiating between reality and game, as it everyday of their lives.

Reply desmeran (emeritus)
there is quite a bit of research, that people are more prone to be aggressive to play immediately after violent video games. this is no “excuse” for crime, or a reason for a ban or a lawsuit. but it seems to me as a reason not too realistic to see brutal violence as a good idea for casual entertainment.

response from John Doe
blame you, because video games it is the only factor in the lives children. Every similar characteristics to the cases that have brought in the news The truth is, government / parents are not the real reason why stupid people do stupid things wissen.Und yes, it is the parents fault that they are the children who probably not old enough to fit the ESRB Rating differentiate, the idea , reality and virtual reality, and what you can do in each of these cases, do not help. Yes, the video games may have been a factor in this particular type, but it was because he was playing a mental Krankheit.Ich video games a lot during the summer break and theres no way I would a cop in real life cap, or something along those direction.

Answer by Tiger Lily ♡
I have to agree. I’m not a fan of violent video games and so far my children have shown no interest, maybe because I girl, but I think the idea that video games cause people to go and kill other people is a bunch of red. not placed psychosis on video games. If he does not get the idea from the game, he would have gotten it to the same end somewhere else. As years of being in the room every night while Mom on the hysteria-fest that national 6o’clock news is glued, while Katie Couric is terrible disingenuous self-satisfied voice of some guy in this God, apesh going reporting and * * kills its employees. Same idea, different Medium.Wenn children are prepared to deal with real terrible things the regular old messages and often even in their own home, they can deal with fake horrible things in video games.

Answer by Tammy D
It is human nature, who want to put blame somewhere. There must always be someone to blame sein.Die truth about violent video games and role-playing games, they are just games. Games can not make you kill someone, they can not make you a devil worshiper. Thousands, if not millions, of children playing the same games and only a handful prove to psycho nuts, people and animals victims to kill. It does not have the games that these people can be murder make.

Answer by Scott Peterson Evil Twin
some parents should take their children to catch more

Natasha answer
I agree! when I was growing up, Marilyn Manson and Eminem were to blame for everything. I think it’s stupid. that does something wrong for each child, because of the music, movies, games, TV or there are 1000 or millions who have nothing to do. These children know right from wrong and if they do not, it is the fault not thems the entertainment industry is increased. I’m sorry, but if my son went out and killed someone or yourself, it’s not because southpark told him it’s because he either had problems (which is obvious when something like this happens) and it must also mean, I was not there, I was not paying attention, I did not see the signs or want to see them. Man and admit you as a parent!


Daily Positive Thoughts – Happy Working Mothers

Posted in Working Mothers on 25th December 2010

Daily Positive Thoughts – Happy Working Mothers

Daily positive thoughts and what happy working mothers know

In today’s complicated world, it is too easy to dismiss happiness as unimportant.  We rush through life not really enjoying the tasks we are doing.  Not slowing down enough to really live.  A positive approach and happiness are very important in our everyday lives. 

You can be a happy working mother by investing in your own happines.  You can find happiness in your life starting today (even if you haven’t really been happy in many years).  Do you often feel overwhelmed or unhappy.  Even if you are happy, you can learn to make that happiness last even when things don’t go smoothly.  We all hit bumps in our lives.   Don’t settle in this life.  You still have so much of unlived life. 

Daily positive thoughts help to shift attitudes and approaches. 

By realizing your happiness, you’ll be a better parent, better spouse, better employee and overall better person.  You will feel so much better about yourself and that happiness glow attracts other people in herds

Balancing jobs and kids and everyday life can be a struggle.  It helps so much when you have people to share your frustrations and triumphs with,  people just like you.  Positive people.  Of course, we all have our bad days.

One of my favorite quotes is “Being a mother is the hardest job of all.  It’s easier to be a doctor than a mother.  Being a mother is a forever job.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  There are no vacation days or sick days. 

Taking a pill doesn’t make someone suddenly happy.  Happiness starts in the way we live our lives, view ourselves, our families, our work and just our everyday lives.

I spent so much of my life being unhappy.  Not really unhappy but consistently anxious.  I have read alot of self help books because I want to be happy.  I want to wake up in the morning and feel good (without narcotics)

Reading daily positive thoughts have helped me tremendously.  Do I still get anxious? Yes.  Do I feel alot better?  Yes

Join me on my journey to finding inner happiness

Visit my blog   Loving Life is Important


Happiness is not a luxury  It’s a necessity