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Why am I like this? I want my Daddy’s “LOVE”?

Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd November 2010

question of SarahBabeXOXO : Why I’m like this? I want my Daddy’s “LOVE “!!?
When I was 8 my father was a sexual interest in me and I loved the attention! He would drink with me and “tickle” me and tell me I was sexy. He always told me that to open on questions about sex or my body. As I turned 10, he told me he was in love with me, and he would love for me – and of course I had known about sex because he told me when I was 7. I had / have always been a mature young woman because of the way I was brought up to. (And my body grows much faster than other girls), the question most of you here probably, “Where the hell is this girl MOTHER!” And the answer she is bipolar and she’s mad most of my life, it is almost like a zombie, as they treat themselves to try on their prescription drugs. It is not much help. I have always loved my dad and he told me what he did was wrong and he must stop, this was at the point when I had given him a hand job and he fingered me. This happened every weekend he was drinking from work. (For about 4 months) and he told me it was very wrong for him to do, but I loved to drink and cheated on him and told him, “it is not wrong if I do it and we love each other, we are just giving each other pleasure “. But he put his foot down and he stopped for 2 months. When I just turned 11, I was in the 5th Class and my teacher was seen to change my attitude and my grades fall, she sent me to school and consular they finally have it from me within 4 weeks. So she called the law and authorities, but me in a foster home for a week to my father left to spend. He had told them the truth and said that he deserved to die and he wanted to change. He was 5 months in jail (he got out because of good behavior) and now he is in the correct therapy, will group classes to go to church, and then his spare time he works his ass off at work and takes all over time it can get. He lives on ramen noodles and sends all the extra money for us, and he spends only on his self-minimum for food and rent, he lives in an apartment with four other men. I live across the country with my grandparents and my mother spends the most time in a mental institution. I feel like it’s my fault what happened, but all my therapists say that it is not, I know it’s not my fault but I still feel guilty and like I’m a dirty bitch. I am now almost 14 and I miss him so much. The doctors think that my father up in the head because of an old car accident where he broke his neck broken and his (actually he was in a halo for 6 months) the skull, he is doing much better, and that once hoped I messed’m 17, he had supervised visits with me, I am pleased that … Well, you is my story here is the problem! I now have a very very big fetish for his “Daddy’s Little Girl” I’ve got the sweetest love and discipline my dad to me but wants to shoot with a sexual, I have not gone chat rooms and role-plays the role of Daddy’s Little Girl. If I get my dad again, I know I will not ask him for that anymore because I do not want him in difficulties. And all his doctors believe that with his recent progress that he is not a child predator, and will strike again. What’s wrong with ME !?!?!?!? I feel so dirty and sloppy! What should I do ?!?!? For more details: I have been diagnosed with PTSD (post-dramatic stress disorder) and bipolar with depression before, I’ve even maim Best Answer:

response of northern downpour
Hi. First of all I would listen to me – you are not a bitch or something. Many people are afflicted with odd fantasies and urges that they themselves can not control or even understand verstehen.Sie that it is wrong in this world for you to have sexual relations with your father and you have to imagine the real action only moves . Congratulations, this is a step! I encourage you if you do not already tell your therapist (s) thereof. As embarrassing as it may seem, they see everything and they do not care. They are there to help you through more Arbeit.Wie why you have this fantasy, I would say it is the lack of support I am assuming you of your mother, do not show affection was received because of their mental illness. Her father, who created this problem, showed you love, you were like. Unfortunately, it was sexual … but because you had a normal child and wanted to love (as all children need and want), you enjoyed it. This resulted in a negative pattern for your life. Her father, as much as you can not hear, is the root of the problem, as he the one who is the first time the sexual world for you in the form of attention that you desperately needed war.Ihr a sad case. I feel very bad for you and hope all is well with your future life. What have you been diagnosed with is rough, but not unbeatable! I’m sure you can do it. Keep a positive attitude and remember – nothing is your fault. Good luck.

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