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Trucking Companies that will hire with no current experience?

Posted in Babysitting on 19th March 2014

Trucking Companies that will hire with no current experience?
Due to an injury I had on my own property I had to resign from my truck driving job back in 01.
I went into business for myself as a kennel owner and trainer till my dad took ill in Ga. thus me moving there in June. Well I found my savings going fast and now struggle to keep the wolves from the front door.
I started applying on line to lots of trucking companies but all came back with “we need current experience”
Then I searched for companies that require no experience and have applied to a few just the other day.
It really hurts to have given up on a career that I truly loved and made good money at but starting my business somewhere new will take time that I don`t have and I need to be able to make a living and pay the bills thus falling back on my class A CDL.
Does anyone know of any trucking companies or even owner operators that will give experience/ hire some one that still actually knows what he is doing without it costing me an arm and leg?
Who would you recommend?
I now reside in Ga. I have a doubles and triples endorsement.
Flatbed, chip wagon, van and tank experience way back and probably have driven well over a million miles professionaly and only have 1 speeding ticket on my license with No accidents.

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Answer by Suzanne S
Werner trucking, Jb Hunt

go over to and check out those and other companies.

Answer by Forest Basenji
Covenant, Swift, Schneider, UsXpress, TransAm, and I am pretty sure Crete, are all companies that train and hire inexperienced drivers straight from school.

Being that you’re experienced, but have no recent experience, unfortunately you’ll initially be lumped in with the “trainees”. You may even be required to go on a truck with a trainer for a certain amount of time. This likely won’t be as bad as it sounds….you’ll get a refresher on some things, and the trainer will be relieved to have a student he doesn’t have to “babysit”. Trans Am has one of the shortest in-truck training periods of any company….and Crete will allow a trainer to “graduate” a student early if he/she feels the student truly knows what they’re doing.

Once you get a good year or so under you, that gap in driving experience won’t be nearly as problematic, and you’ll likely qualify for plenty more driving jobs.

I’m sorry to hear of your financial problems….being a professional dog trainer is pretty much my “dream job”….if I couldn’t drive a truck anymore I’d probably find some way to get into that. I just needed a career where I’d be guaranteed income, and I felt there was just too much uncertainty in going out and trying to carve a niche as a dog trainer with nothing to fall back on. I may attempt it one day!! Definitely sorry to hear that it didn’t work out, here’s hoping you find a way to get back into it.

Why is our current health care system wasted on the rich?

Posted in Child Care on 20th November 2013

Why is our current health care system for the rich? wasted
Concierge medical care guarantees success and the best treatment almost like a vacation. These guys hospital as the Marriott Hotel. Some of these treatments include cruise ships and longer treatments. If we taxed the rich, then they would have TO THE hospital like any other gehen.http :/ / Best Answer (s):

response from Malkin
lol. do you think the rich are not taxed now?

response of early
the rich taxed? This current proposal is to cut health care benefits for Tri-our military and their families. I’m far from rich, and Obama and his thugs seem to think they have the right to health care, we cut fuvking deserves.

answer by Bev
the rich, or at least 5% of them pay 70% of taxes show. How much more should they pay?

Reply sadcryingclowninironlung
is this a joke? obviously rich people can afford as they perform better than people without so much money to. the same goes for everything, not just health care.

Reply by Brian CK
I’m not rich, but my insurance is awesome!

answer by Kate
Who cares about the rich? Why taxes ANYONE let alone the rich who just have a better job than the rest of us … If this happens, want to know to be a doctor … poor people who will care for us?

reply by phil
like a thief

answer by Freedom Wins III sound
What makes you think You would get better treatment with 0bamacare?

response from printing our way to prosperity
Maybe you should make something out of your miserable life, and you would be much anders.Wie many billions we have on drug addicts, criminals and low waste of lives per year -. Medical waste money on wasted earth

Reply joejack
Maybe we should go down there and force them to go to the regular hospital. Who they think they are? We round Obama. Who does he think he is?

Advice on how to get over my past roommate situation, so it wont ruin my current one?

Posted in Working Mothers on 20th December 2011

Advice on how to get over my past roommate situation, so it wont ruin my current one?
Okay, so here’s the whole story.
A few months ago, my best friend of about 7 years was stressed about her living situation (her mothers restrictions. We were 19) I offered her to move in with me at my mothers (My mom was flexible and I had the big master bedroom). My mom said as long as she paid 200 bucks a month it was fine. I currently paid 300-400(Depending on if she needed more) a month.
Suddenly my best friend got fired but I tried to be a good friend and I assured her that I could cover her 200 (I have a full time job) and she wouldn’t have to worry about it. She said she would feel bad about it but I finally convinced her (she seemed to be always stressed and I wanted to help) and she agreed to give me a ride to work and back.
A month or two later I realized that I was paying about 600 a month and my mom did have some restrictions (The no boys rule. Which sucked because my friends were 90% boys) so I talked to my best friend about moving out.
We found the perfect one bedroom for about 650 a month, I told her it was a little much but she agreed to pay 100 a month and I agreed to pay the rest as long as she took me to work and if she could help whenever she could.
Our living situation worked out well until the bills started to come, I would ask her how much money she would be willing to put in (just so I could get an estimate of how much I had to find to complete) and she would snap at me. That seemed to be the only time there was tension. On good months she’d pay 150 at the most and I’d pay the rest of the 600 (the rent would be 700 because Id have to pay late, my payday would land on the 5th and rent was due the 1st.)
and I would cover electricity and whatever was left would go to some food and my phone.
As time went by she would put in less, saying she had to put in late car payments (She would get about 400 a month for unemployment. Her car was 206 a month)
So I would have to put in more for rent and less for food. Some days we would go without food and our fridge would be empty.
There started to be this tension, with her. I was always cheery and positive and even more so around her because she was always moody and depressing. I let her know I was there for her, and she would just say thanks but never talk to me. The nicer I was to her, the ruder she would be. Sometimes giving me attitude for no reason.
It got to be exhausting because I was trying to put in enough positivity for the both of us. I hated coming home because the mood was horrible.
One day she texted me after dropping me off from work telling me she was moving out. She said she would give me 100 a month for 3 months-enough time to find someone else. She said “And Im doing that to be nice because I don’t owe you anything were even.”
When I asked how she said “Do you think I pull gas money out of my ass to take you to work, and what about the food I have to bring from my mothers?”
I wanted to tell her that we weren’t even because I’d been supporting her for months and all she had to do was take me to work, and I had been giving her gas money until she started giving me less money for bills.
Slowly she moved her things out (Everything. Because she said we shouldn’t move any of my things because she had some stuff, when we moved) She took everything from the coffee maker, microwave, dish rags, utencils, dishes..etc. One day when she came to take the last of her things I walked into the kitchen and asked her for the mail key (We only have one) and she refused to give it to me, saying she had some mail she was waiting for and was still on the lease so she didnt have to give me anything.
I got a little mad because I was expecting my debit card and utility bill, so I told her there was no reason for her to have it and we got into an argument that resulted in her saying she’d give it to me on Friday. (It was Wednesday) Friday came and to this day (That was almost 3 weeks ago) she still hasn’t given it to me.
2 weeks ago, I had the mail lock changed, therefor getting a new key 🙂
I got a new roommate to move in (my other best friend of 12 years) and things are great. He’s got my sense of humor and personality and he was also close friends with my last best friend when everything happened and he knows how it hurt me.
The only thing wrong is I find myself pushing him away, always bringing up something my last roommate would do. I freak that whenever there’s a misunderstanding he’s just gonna pack his things. I freak that our friendship will be ruined too at some point and I know I’m just making things bad myself, on purpose for some reason.
How can I get over that whole thing?
I thought I was until I recently got bills that my last rommmate said she was paying and turns out she wasn’t (over 1000$ in late fees).
Has anyone had this happen?

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Answer by Ghost
Do not worry that this will be a repeat situation. Be optimistic about it. Until something bad happens, do not worry yourself over what ifs.