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Where the term “curiosity killed the cat” come about?

Posted in Child Care on 28th January 2013

Where the term “curiosity killed the cat” has its origin?
Just wondering how it came to be used Best Answer (s):.

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Reply by d_r_siva
Everyone knows that, despite their purported nine lives, curiosity killed the cat. Well, not quite. The “killed the cat proverb originated as’ care killed the cat.” With “care” the forger of the expression meant “worry / sorrow ‘rather than our more usual contemporary meaning’ provide Looking at /” This form of expression is to the English playwright Ben Jonson’s play every man in his humor, recorded in 1598. ” care’ll Helter Skelter, kite flying kill grief, a cat, up-tails all, and a Louse for the Hangman. “The game was one of the Tudor juices comedies in which each main character of a particular” is humor “or feature assigned. The game is believed to have been in 1598 by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, performed a troupe of actors such as William Shakespeare and William Kempe. Shakespeare was no slouch when it comes to the appropriation was a memorable line and it appeared the following year in Much Ado About Nothing: “What, courage man, but what it, a cat, you have courage enough in thee to kill care killed . “The proverbial phrase” curiosity killed the cat, that is commonly used when trying to stop asking anyone unwanted questions, is much younger. The earlier form was still in use in 1898, when in Brewer Dictionary of Phrase and Fable has been defined: “Care killed the cat. It is said that a cat has nine lives, but that they would wear all. “Curiosity has received a bad press over the centuries. Saint Augustine wrote Confessions, AD 397, that is, in the eons before heaven and earth , God “fashioned hell for the inquisitive.” John Clarke, in Paroemiologia, suggested in 1639 that “he that pryeth be taken with a bang in every cloud can.” In Don Juan, known as Lord Byron curiosity “that low vice” . the bad opinion, and the fact that cats are notoriously curious about the source of their demise of ‘care’ to ‘curiosity’ changed führen.Die earliest version that I is the exact current form of the saying in the pressure of the Galveston Daily News, 1898: “. curiosity killed a cat Thomas” It is said that if [. Thomas Cat is a jokey form of hangover, that is a cat] The frequent response to the curiosity killed the cat “is the satisfaction brought it back . “I have not been able to trace the source of this strange reply. The first quote from him that I found is in the pressure from one Iowan college magazine The Coe College Cosmos, in February 1933.http :/ / www.phrases / meanings / curiosity-killed-the-cat.htmlNeugier killed the cat reminds us that can be dangerous too curious example. answer “What do you think the dark street is”: “. I would rather not find out Curiosity killed the cat “Curiosity killed the cat remembers a story in which” the cat “killed because he was curious and followed” curiosity. “Too far was. Example:” The reporter asked a lot of questions, and the boss does not like it “answer.” Curiosity killed the cat “cats are curious animals who love to explore, but their curiosity they can, where they could be injured children in particular, like cats.. are curious and want to try to figure out what is dangerous. Example: “My son stuck his finger in the socket and got a huge shock He said he wanted to find out how it would feel to” answer. “It is a good thing he was not hurt Curiosity killed the cat. “” What did you ask ’em, for example? ‥ “Curiosity killed a cat! Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.” [1921 E. O’Neill Diff’rent ii. 252] “A curiosity death,” said Tommy. “Curiosity killed the cat. ‘[1973 A. Christie posters of Fate i iv.]” I’m curious, that’s all. ‘Curiosity Killed old tom [1984 JR Riggs Last Laugh iii.] “Well, you have probably heard the saying:”. Curiosity killed the cat. “Well, what am I doing here.” For a horrible minute I thought he was about to show ‥ that he Ben Vol-au-Vent of Curiosity Killed the Cat, killed a cat. [2002 Times 2 17th May 9] Idioms: curiosity killed the KatzeAm It is best to look after their own affairs. For example, do not ask about his divorce – curiosity killed the cat. This warning sounds like the expression of some moral fable or fairy tale, but such an origin for it has been lost. The first recorded use was in O. Henry and Schools (1909)