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Crush On My Brother friend, who is 4 years older than me?

Posted in Babysitting on 13th December 2012

Crush On My Brother friend, four years older than me? Is
My brother is 19 and his best friend is like my best friend! So a few days ago I went into my bathroom and our friend was in the shower … I freaked out and saw a little bit of something that I do not really see wollte.Wir laughed at him and I brushed my teeth and went. Well later that night I had a dream that we made, and now I can not get that! Out of my head I really like him more than I ever thought. I have no idea what to do. But the story gets worse, he will stay at home and “baby sit” me while my family goes to Africa for 3 weeks, but I can not, because to practice the sport. He will drive around me, cook my food, and he will sleep in the bedroom directly across from me. And we share a bathroom, because my mother said that my bathroom is big enough for him to share with me, and he is not to be used down to my brothers bathroom downstairs, when his room is upstairs. I do not know what to do! All I wanna do is love him and kiss him and do the same for me! :/ What can I do Best Answer (s):

reply by Colleen
go to his room and suck it, if you know what I (mean; breakfast him butter your muffinn

response from Trin
aw so cute tell him / her u like them

response from Chica
Ask your brother if it were cool or try to hang out with him and your brother and see if he might have any clues to you falls. Honestly 19 is sorta old for you, even though I’m 17 and there are huge differences between me and one 19 years old. But good luck!

answer by Hannah It may see a bit too complicated as it is your brothers best friend. Plus, you can a little brother to the fact you his best friend, if you openly admit to be angry. You could tell him that you like him, but I am sure that the age difference might be a bit of a problem sein.Ich hope this helps, and I hope it turns out , good for you 🙂