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How do you criticize effectively?

Posted in Working Mothers on 6th April 2013

How to criticize effectively?
How can you criticize effectively without people getting offended or think that anything you can do to put them. If I’m a manager and need to criticize them for something small or even a husband …. I will not be on an official criticizer! Any ideas Best Answer (s):

response from Jody SweetG
criticize your employees and man is two completely different things. why you want to criticize your husband anyway. You would not prefer to talk only with him and with communication on what bothers you?

response from Halen
be nice and subtle way criticize. You sound like a nice person so you should just be honest with them. say: “I hate to do this, but …” Or, “I know you’re really __, but ….” as long as you do not constantly nag people and point out their mistakes then you’re okay,

response from Redrum
All we can do is to be honest. – Let those who cant have to deal with it the concern 🙂

reply by grace I
it is best to find first compliment and then make a proposal, as they do can do better. It’s worked for me in the past. Hope that helps!

response from MommaBear
cease At work, it started as a “criticism” and, as they “help.” Their mindset is subtle move, if you’re in “help mode” because you are part of the solution, in addition to the other person to solve a problem. If you are in “critical” mode, you will sit down in front of the other person in a superior position, the resentment hervorruft.Zu home – never criticize your spouse. It’s disrespectful and unloving. If they do something you do not like it, then check if it. Something you or she is adversely affected If it’s just a freak, then leave it alone. If not, then explain it in terms of how it makes you feel rather than reproach. “Honey, I know you do not mean to me like a slave treated, but that’s how I feel when I pick up your underwear from the soil have”, with a kiss and a smile, is a much more effective than “Hey, stupid ! Take your own g-damn underwear, I’m not your fucking mother! ” It is not your job, your spouse perfekt.Welches is why the criticism is always annoying, but someone who really wants to help is always appreciated. 🙂

response from sam
not playing the sandwich game: Something good, the bad, some good. (I had a boss that did it was annoying!) Just be to the point and not with a bad tone. I just wanted to hear, and to the point with a “not” evil voice. Do not be a criticizer to help a boss, your staff wants to better their work. (There is a difference!)

response from سيف الله بطل جهاد
There must be constructive and tactful, especially with people you work primarily and not really . know