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Is she crazy??

Posted in Babysitting on 2nd June 2014

Is she crazy??
Okay my sister, who is 40 yrs old and never married freaked out yesterday. she has been known to have mood swings but never as scary as this. Yesterday because of a conversation she flipped out saying she was ugly and hates herself and was pulling her hair and jumping around like a lunatic. (mind you she is very beautiful) it was so bad that my husband made me leave the room so he could calm her down. she never answered her phone at work today or at home. i feel like she needs therapy but how should I tell her that without freaking her out or making her feel badly about herself. But I can not allow her to freak out on us again because I know it is her way of manipulating us into “babying” her. How should I approach this situation??

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Answer by tammy g
sounds like she has issues,you say you know its her way of manipulating you to baby her?has she did this before?sounds like shes looking for attention, could it be maybe shes going thru something and shes trying to reach out?maybe you shoud check on her just to see if shes ok,dont let her push your buttons,be straight out honest with her and ask her whats up with her behavior,if she blows up then walk away.but at least try to reach out to her.good luck

Answer by blue_seal07
Tell her that you really care about her and that you are concerned about her health. Tell her that seeking counseling doesn’t mean that she’s crazy and that it will make her feel better about herself.

Answer by tina_dopey
She needs help. You have to remember too that she is getting older. Why hasn’t she gotten married?…is it by choice? Maybe she’s starting to go through early menopause..i have no clue…just questions that are coming out…Have her talk to a therapist

Answer by Hopeful
No, she is not “crazy”. See what she is going through at work, outside the home. What stressors are impacting her life. If she does need help she will have to go voluntarily unless she is a danger to herself or others so talking to her calmly will be your best bet. If she is truly manipulating you and you feel as if you are “babysitting” and she is capable of doing things just fine on her own then that will need to stop but it will not happen overnight and those expectations would not be realistic. If she indeed made the statement that she hates herself and was acting as you said then there is probably a lot going on and it will take time and only you supporting her and offering her options such as therapy will help. Why did your husband handle things? If she is 40 and never been married perhaps it would be better that with you being her sister that you talk with her and not your husband alone. Why does he “MAKE” you leave? That has to be very intimidating and scary to her in and of itself. If it is truly to that point where safety is questioned then perhaps the police need to be called. It could be and NEEDS to be both of you talking to her if not you alone. These are all just things to think about. I hope she gets the help she needs and is feeling better about herself soon.

Answer by tim b
of course she is crazy. But the real crazy one is the one that allows her to manipulate you. Get over it

Ok, crazy thing I just though. What if…?

Posted in Working Mothers on 11th April 2014

Ok, crazy thing I just though. What if…?
Ok here is my hypothetical question. If a child was born by artificial purposes and was raised in a very plain environment with no human contact. If he was suckled as a baby by a robot or something that he never got to see, (so in the dark or whatever) and he was adequately fed and given enough water as he grew up. And as he grew up and was moved to bright white room with activities ranging from blocks when he was young and punching bags and sticks. When he slept and ate and drank and relieved himself was darker in color. And this whole time he had no human interaction. As he grew would he start to think that the objects were alive? Would he try to befriend them? Would he recreate their sounds, and “speak” to them? Could he integrate into society? Just some thoughts what do you think?

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Answer by Cheryl
Okay, I stopped reading at no human contact. This child would die in infancy by means of failure to thrive. See, for example work done by Harry Harlow with rhesus monkeys raised in isolation failed to thrive. Monkeys with the minimal interaction (a wire “mother” covered in cloth who “fed” them) were much more likely to survive and produce mating behaviors later.

Custody laws are changed to equal the fathers, it’s crazy for a guy to procreate. Agree?

Posted in Working Mothers on 14th December 2012

be changed until Custody laws equally to fathers, it’s crazy for a guy to procreate. Agree?
Yes, this is the “best interests of the child” standard of how things should work, but in reality it is the “best interests of the mother,” if you go to court Best Answer (s):.

response from perfect velvet
There would be no need for the custody laws and for no apparent inequality stop if people would be having unprotected sex without a committed relationship. My husband always says, “The worst mistake you can make is to a child with the wrong person.”