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If adoption is so wonderful, why not everyone has another child to give a childless couple?

Posted in Child Care on 10th February 2014

If adoption is so wonderful, why do not all have another child to give a childless couple?
If adoption is such a wonderful and selfless gift, why not have a baby to give an infertile couple? Or is it because your child to strangers is not all it’s cracked up to be Best Answer (s):.

Answer by Dingo: D
Because it is a hard and painful thing to give up a child! I am part of a surrogate family, and I love my mother for the happiness it has brought, but Ia couples know it is a hard thing to go through!

Answer by Baby boomer rock fan
Well, that’s not really the question, right? Most people who believe adoption (of the newborn) is wonderful, believe because they think children are better in two-parent households with unrelated parents than in a single-parent home with their unmarried biological mother. So seen from this point of view, it would not make sense to have a child for a couple, just to make it think to verschenken.Ich personally, contraception or abstinence is still more wonderful as an acceptance if a woman is not ready to be a mother. But that’s just my opinion.

Reply amyhpete
It is not a lack of children who need homes. Of all the children on here in the U.S., to the actual orphans overseas, we did not generate new bundle of joy to be for all childless homes full of love and laughter. Prospective adoptive parents have only their heads to children who actually open without family, and adopt them.

Answer by Nola
Awww, yes. Its great! So great! How to increase your claws on baby another woman is wayyy more fulfillment than with your own child! I think you can be here on something … I’ll get the word out tooo! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Reply by Marnie B
you are misunderstanding what adoption is. People do not want to give “race” babies to infertile couples and no one goal, a child and gives it up for adoption has. It is something that if someone faced with an unplanned pregnancy can be the best choice in the situation to be, and hopefully they will be a certain satisfaction in the fact that they find something wonderful for the acceptance pair, even if it is to do painful .

Reply frockney
@ amyhpeteNein, there are no foreign orphans out there waiting for the great Yankee saviors show up and save them from a life as a non-American. According to UNICEF, only 3% of children abroad (or orphanages as the romantic love in this world to call them) in children’s homes are real orphans who have no remaining living relatives. Also Madona adopted a child whose biological father still alive war.Auch according to UNICEF, 2/3 (two thirds!) The concern international adoptions affected Kinder.Und why people do not, the older children on Adopt-Us-Kids adopt? Because adoption is not a selfless wonderful thing. It is an excuse. As long as childlessness is to have a failure, and not just a normal state of children is not seen, it is stopped when Russia shot adopters hunt for vulnerable young mothers to sein.Haben the figures of the cute, blonde, blue-eyed children in Russian “orphanages” suddenly assumption to America? No. Strange, is not it? So, let’s get this straight, acceptance creates so-called orphanages because demand from the West makes child trafficking lucrative. So, childless couples, please, please, stop being a market for stolen children. Go to the fertility clinic and the best hoffen.Und where those who say: “If you love these children so much, why do not you take into foster care” are concerned, first, I love them so much, I do not think they would be served by me. I love them so much, I think they deserve proper educators as mentors and not a strange home with “parents” with a smug sense of holiness. Secondly, I love the rest of my family so much, I do not want my to schieben.Und on an adult child with questions on them, a child to a childless couple? Would they do the same if the situation was reversed

Answer by Philippa
– Fertile women should not be expected to produce babies for infertile couples -. Fertile women are people with real emotions not broodmares, incubators or breeder -. From my own experience surrendering = pain, pain, sadness, anger at those who forced me (because I have them forgiven), causes severe depression that I still struggle with, have even harm and suicidal

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> Answer by Sam I think adoption is great,,,, I have adopted 3 Jugendliche.Ihre mother is pregnant again … Baby number nine. It has nothing collected from their children, they all end up in foster care. This is a case where the parents make bad decisions, the use of drugs and neglect their children …. Acceptance is the only way these children get a normal Familie.Melden Simply as foster parents and see how many beds they fill with children who need a home. No new babies are needed … almost all nursing homes are already full!

Reply eagle dreams
adoption is or should be the last resort for a child sein.Nur when all hope is increased by biological compounds exhausted should werden.Adoption drawn alternatives into consideration then the stability of a child who might not otherwise have in their lives should geben.Es this child be focused. CHILD not as an adult unfortunately it seems to be, if there are those who claim to be a perfect child to fühlen.Die reality reality and fantasy is fantasy and the two should not be romantically intertwined, where acceptance betrifft.Wie for people who have a to give a child to a childless couple ………. this should be a non-starter.

**How will my baby’s father pay child support under these circumstances? and a couple more questions**?

Posted in Child Support on 6th August 2012

**How will my baby’s father pay child support under these circumstances? and a couple more questions**?
I’m pregnant and still friends with the father of my child. We have decided that we’ll try to stay together for our baby, but more importantly, together or not, he will be there to help raise the child, will keep him and watch him, etc. He will have his name on the child’s birth certificate. However, he is jobless, uninsured, and has no other source of income. He’s trying to find a job and has been for a few months, but has had a difficult time of it because he does have a past with a criminal record. He’s in court right now for a felony he *did not* commit (I am a witness), and to be short, that’s not making finding employment any easier. He’s 21 and got his GED last year. I’m 18. I have three jobs, and we’re both in junior college. I have state health insurance (in Mississippi), and my baby will qualify for CHIPS when he/she is born.

If my child’s father signs his AOP and the birth certificate, apparently if he doesn’t make a payment the government can give him a court order for child support. I’m afraid he may not get a job, even though he IS trying, and wants to get one as soon as possible to start saving money and have some ready when he starts to pay me CS.

**My main question is, HOW can he PAY this child support if he doesn’t have the means neccesary, if for some reason he still can’t find employment? Another important question, and it’s kind of embarassing for me, is How exactly would child support “work” in our situation? Where can I find resources on this, or agencies that could possibly help us?**

The baby will be here in just a few short months, and maybe I’m worrying a little too much. He probably WILL find a job soon. But any advice would be greatly appreciated and would really help me out. I’m so sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance.

Best answer(s):

Answer by You asked so…
Call MS child support and ask your questions. In my state, if someone isn’t working, they may not be ordered to pay (child support is based on one’s ability to pay). If you two are living together, forget it. That’s not what child support is for.

If you two aren’t together, just contact your local child support office. Every state has different laws.

In the future, use your better judgment and don’t get involved with men who have criminal records.

Has anyone noticed that ALL the Infant vaccines for, Hib,PCV, and a couple others all claim:?

Posted in Child Care on 3rd August 2012

Has anyone noticed that ALL the Infant vaccines for, Hib,PCV, and a couple others all claim:?
That those viruses that are being innoculated against are the “the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in the United States”.

My question is, if theyre not all vaccines for the same agents, why are we innoculating our infants three different times for the same thing, with multiple follow up shots? And if they are all different agents being vaccinated against, how can they all be “the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in the United States”?

I find soo many inconsistancies in the CDC’s print offs, the drug companies information sheets, and all the sites online. Call me what you want, But i nearly DIED from the Hib Vaccine as a child. Just makes me wonder.

Another thing that makes me wonder, all the sites and sheets and print offs (including the one my doctor gave me) say “Newborns can get tetanus from unclean tools used to cut the umbilical cord, or poor cord care” And that adults can get it from stepping on nails or being bitten by an animal and getting an infection.
So why are we vaccinating our 2,4 and 6 month olds against tetanus? lol. They dont walk yet, and their cords are already cut and healed.

makes you wonder.

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Answer by slawsayssss
Because the medical industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and every infant born in the us gets 8 vacines or more. If they made 1 dollar for each child born int he U.S. and England for Each vacine they take it would be enough to support them for the rest of their life, in 1 year.

As well why do people feel the need to vacinate their newborn infants against STD’s??? is their child sharing needles and sleeping around?? do they expect their child to be doing that when they are an adult??

The fact is people have jsut been told they are safe and they can’t think for themselves. They don’t know what is being injected into their 2 day old baby. they don’t know that mercury isn’t the only bad thing in them, they don’t knwo that there is anti-freeze in them, or formaldehyde , or primate DNA. They also don’t realize that NO vaccine has ever been TESTED on an infant. All vaccines have only been tested on toddlers and older, it is illegal for them to test them on human infants, so the only way to know if the vacines cause side effects is if someone reports the side effects.
people don’t report the side effects because they have no clue and doctors don’t because they have been told the vacines are safe or they are getting paid off by the drug companies.
And the only time anyone says anything is when a whistle blower steps out and speaks up against it, then they are featured on 20/20 or something for one week then brushed under the rug.

Answer by Carla R
I think you actually know the answer to this burning question!
Its all about money….. the vax makers want more and they are able to pay people support their agenda.