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Cry, the Beloved Country: Was Gertrude desire to be a nun true or a lie?

Posted in Working Mothers on 9th August 2013

Cry, the Beloved Country: Was Gertrude desire to be a nun true or a lie ?
How all this will do to her disappearance at the end of Chapter 29? There is an opinion question. I take all suggestions, or was it something between a lie and the truth Best Answer (s):

response of Galactic Emperor
In Catholicism, a nun who made a female monastic solemn vows (the male equivalent is a “monk”) has. Nuns are cloistered to the degree of the rule of the religious institution they enter gegründet.In the Roman Catholic tradition, there are a number of different orders of nuns each with its own charism or Sonderzeichen.Im general, when a woman enters a convent it first undergoes a first test phase, the life, known as a postulate, for a period of six months to a year. If them, and determine the order that they might have a vocation to the life, she receives the habit of the order (usually with some modification to make them told of nuns differ) and assumes the novitiate, a period of living the life of a nun without even vows that lasts one to two years. After this time they can their first temporary vows. Temporary vows last one to three years, typically, and will be professed for not less than three years and not more than six. Finally, they will make their petition “perpetual profession”, with permanent promise feierlich.In the various branches of the Benedictine tradition (Benedictines, Cistercians, Camaldolese, and Trappists among others) nuns take vows of stability (that is, a member of a single monastic community remain), obedience (to an abbess or prioress), and “conversion of life” (the ideas of poverty and chastity). The “Poor Clares” (a Franciscan) and those Dominican nuns led a college life take the threefold vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Most orders of nuns not listed here follow one of these two patterns, with some orders at an additional vow related to the specific nature of the work or of their order (eg, to a certain style of devotion, praying for a specific intention purpose or commit). nuns (eg Carmelites) observe “papal enclosure” rules and their monasteries typically have walls and grilles separating the nuns from the outside world. The nuns rarely leave (except for medical necessity, or occasionally for purposes related to their contemplative life) though they in specially built parlors that allow them to meet with outsiders. Visitors They are usually self-sufficient, earning money by selling jams or candies or baked goods by mail order or by liturgical items (vestments, candles, bread for Holy Communion). Sometimes they undertake contemplative ministries-that is a monastery of nuns is often associated with prayer for some particular good or supporting the missions of another order by prayer (for instance, the Maryknoll order includes a monastery of nuns, for the work the prayer missionary priests, brothers and sisters, the sister Disciples of the Divine Master are nuns who pray in support of the religious sisters of the Daughters of Saint Paul in their media services, the Dominican nuns of Corpus Christi Monastery in the Bronx, NY, pray in support the priest of the Archdiocese of New York). canoness A is a nun who corresponds to the male equivalent, a canon. The origin and rules of monastic life are common to both. As with the canons, differences were in compliance with the rule to two types: canons regular and secular Kanons.Eine nun who elected to take their monastery is called an abbess if the monastery is a monastery, a prioress if it is a priory , or more generally, as the Mother Superior and styled “Reverend Mother” are referred to. The distinction between abbey and monastery has used the terms of a particular order or by the level of independence of the monastery to do. Technically, a convent is any home of a community of sisters-or, indeed, used by priests and brothers, though this term is rarely in the United States, the term “monastery” is often used by communities within the Benedictine family, and ” convent “(when it comes to a monastery) is often used of the monasteries of certain other orders.

How nature has changed the economy of the country sine the mid-20th Century?

Posted in Child Care on 26th May 2013

how nature has changed the economy of the country sine the mid-20th Century?
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Reply Mr_E
Unlawful Entry is a crime. Zero tolerance for violating immigration law! No amnesty, no “stealth amnesty.” No “change of status” marriage fraud “toleration”, not a “Temporary Protected Status.” If you break the law, leave or be deported. Illegal aliens kill more U.S. citizens each year than the war in Iraq has killed in four years. Apologists for illegal immigration like to paint it as a victimless crime. But in fact, illegal immigration causes substantial harm to American citizens and legal immigrants, particularly in the most vulnerable sectors of our population – the poor, minorities and children. Additionally, job competition by waves of illegal immigrants presses are willing to work at substandard wages and working conditions, wages of American workers, hitting hardest at minority workers and those without high school degrees. Illegal immigration also contributes to the dramatic population growth overwhelming communities across America – crowding school classrooms, consuming already limited affordable housing, and straining precious natural resources like water, energy and forests. Taxpayers are forced to pay given to illegal immigrants for the free health care, education and other social programs; Those tax dollars could be given back to U.S. taxpayers or be used to secure our borders, they may be here illegally, but they sure know how to “work the system” to “free” medical care, “free” education, “free” food, Section 8 housing to collect coupons and other housing assistance, and hundreds of other social services. It costs citizens additional hundreds of billions of tax dollars at all levels: local, state and federal level. It costs billions of our donations. And much of this money ends up in our economy and diverted into offshore accounts. Illegal aliens, over half of them work “under the table”, which still reported (yet taxed) no job, are not counted as employed or unemployed. But some of those day-labor and off-the-books “job-can” occur “real” jobs – available to American citizen job-seekers – if employment regulations were enforced. Illegal aliens can do away with tax evasion, et al., The citizens. In short, we have too many entrants and created too few jobs. The ratio works for about 7-10 entrants per job created. If all illegal aliens are deported or left, stop all legal immigration and temporary employment visas abolished all, we have created a problem with the USA born new entrants as new jobs. Illegal immigration damages our country and our citizens every day at all levels. And not even the attacks of 26.2 and 11.9 have many Americans to the great dangers of illegal immigration is ourselves, our families, our communities, our society, our values, our principles, our civilization aroused. Zero Tolerance for Immigration Law Violators! We must not forget the lessons of 2/26, 9/11, and the costs we bear every single day. God Bless the U S A!

What happens if my daughters father moves to another country and doesn’t pay child support?

Posted in Child Support on 27th October 2012

What happens if my daughters father moves to another country and doesn’t pay child support?
Ok so here is my story. I separated from my husband a couple of years ago and for stupid reasons I had not divorced him. We did have a verbal agreement on a “child support” and he paid it fine even though it wasn’t court ordered. A little more than a year ago he stopped paying. Finally I went to a D.I.Y divorce office and filed for divorce and included is the child support order. He signed it and everything and now I am just waiting for my final hearing date. Now all of the sudden I hear from his family that he is moving back to his country to help out his dad in some business. So here comes my question; how can I still get child support from him if he is out of the country. Personally I think its impossible, right? also when he tries to come back in to the U.S.(apparently he will be coming and going) will they detain him for not paying child support? This is so not fair, men like him are such irresponsible, s.o.b’s they deserve the worse!!!!!!!!
To Sapphire M: You sound like your some ignorant low life.

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Answer by Sapphire M
Looks like you have to pay for the child all by yourself, next time you should really know the man you are having babies with

Answer by Precious Gem
Call the divorce office and let them know. Ask them what to do.

Answer by George McCasland
As the mother, yes under the Hague Treaty. If you were the father, you would be out of luck, even if she just moved to the next county over.