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What happens to my couisin for his 7th Get birthday?

Posted in Babysitting on 4th July 2013

What my couisin for his 7th Get birthday?
Idk what 7 year old boys want? I do not want to get him for the wrong thing, like Power Rangers or something aldo I hope you’re kidding. ‘(That’s terrible Best Answer (s):

a response from Tony Rice Eater ♣

Reply iBreezy ™
legos. (:

Reply by Ethan
ask him.

answer by Lyrics Junkie
Lego … they ‘re awesome and educational institutions (be they work brain) and they keep him busy for hours!

answer by Lady McBoob
A building like Lego or Bionicle set or something like that. versions you have for younger kids as well.

Reply toit
F * ck. He hit me, it …

Reply Tyhessia
A blue DSI game system all the guys love it

answer by Aldo
that’s what I got when I warhttp 7 :/ / euclid-spill/black-eye-close-up.jpgIch Uncle Joe did not like very much: (Get your cousin Power Rangers, Devils, when I say “baby sit” my little cousins, I see it as an excuse to to play with them

response from Nikki -. Suspended Again
some pokemon

response from the shop in China Just
now all the shops are back to school sales. could you made a whole row of pencils, crayons, colored pencils, a sketchbook, etc.