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i want to improve my english,can you correct this good story?

Posted in Working Mothers on 1st June 2011

i want to improve my english,can you correct this good story?
One day a small girl sat at the kitchen and was seeing her mother which was cooking food.
suddenly, she noticed many white hairs is between hair’s mom. she asked her mother”mom,why many your hairs is white”.?
replied her mother” when you do a bad work , and angried me one my hair become white.
small girl thought and said” i underestand why whole my grand mother became white.

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Answer by MrGuy
One day a small girl sat in the kitchen and saw her mother who was cooking food.

Suddenly, she noticed a lot of white hairs in her mom’s hair. She asked her mother, “Mom, why so many white hairs?”

Her mother replied, “When I do hard work that angers me, my hair becomes white.”

The small girl thought, then said, “I understand why all my grand mother’s hair became white.”

Answer by Simone
One day a small girl was sitting in the kitchen whilst her mother was cooking food.
Suddenly she noticed many white hairs on her mother’s head and she asked her mother
“Mom, why do you have so many white hairs?”
Her mother replied
“When you do bad work and anger me, one of my hairs becomes white.”
The small girl thought and said” I understand now why my grandmother’s whole hair became white.

Whew that was a grammar lesson.

I changed more of it so the sentences made a little more sense.

Answer by suleman
first off all you should learn best manners , learn tact how to tackle small children,when kids ask any questions give him reply smile face so he can more attract towards with you.

What would be a correct term for:?

Posted in Babysitting on 3rd January 2011

What would be a correct term for:?
Cat “babysitting”. Mind you, this business is not about placing your cat INTO a cattery or something, it’s about a worker of this business placing THEMSELVES into the cat’s home and taking care of them. It’s exactly like babysitting, but with pets instead of children. Does such term exist?! If not, please tell me! For I shall make it up!!

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Answer by PlainPat

Answer by Old Guy
Cat sitting

Answer by chanda
Kitty Caretaker
Cat Au Pair
Feline Minder
Cat Nanny
Kitty Custodian
Cat Watchers

My personal favorite…Purrrfect Petsitters!

That was fun!

Are You Getting The Correct Child Support Payments?

Posted in Child Support on 28th December 2010

Are You Getting The Correct Child Support Payments?

Child support is an going obligation for a payment made directly or indirectly by a non-custodial parent for the care and support of a child/children of a relationship or marriage that has broken down.

Child support is a mandatory payment in any divorce that involves minor children and just like child custody, parents have the option of settling this payment amount or taking the matter to court in which a judge will decide on the total amount that needs to be paid.

The upbringing and the development of a child is the responsibility of both parents as is the standard of living for the child. The child’s welfare should be the primary responsibility of both the parents and as a result both of the parents should be responsible for the costs involved in the raising of a child, regardless of who the child lives with. Child support could end up being paid by either the mother or the father of the child; if the mother has sole custody of the child then it will be the responsibility of the father to pay child support and vice versa.

So in order to raise the standard of living child support was brought in; however the one problem that many paying parents have with child support is that the money is given straight to the other parent and not the child. It is due to this fact that many parents often refuse to make payments as they see it as a form of alimony as oppose to child support. The only reason that the payments are made to the parent is because they need to use the money to provide their child with food and clothes as well as to cover extra items such as school equipment and educational school trips.

If you do refuse to pay child support or if the child support is significantly late then you can be sued for contempt of court. If this situation does arise then it is important that you enlist the help of an experienced attorney as they will take the necessary steps to ensure that the payments reach you in full and on time.

The amount of money that should be paid in child support varies from case to case as the circumstances of each couple are extremely different but the way in which the amount is calculated for each couple is done in the same way and is based on the following:

• Mother’s net income
• Father’s net income
• Number of children involved
• Custodial arrangement
• Spousal support, if any
• All other child support obligations or custody arrangements of other children
• Health care costs
• Any child care costs

The amount of money that you pay in child support can be modified at any time, for example if your circumstances change or your income changes. These are just two of the reasons but for whatever reason always remember to consult your attorney for the legal advice needed to always make the best decision.