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Construction Toys and Puzzles as Toddler Toys

Posted in Toddlers on 7th December 2010

Construction Toys and Puzzles as Toddler Toys

When considering construction toys or puzzles as options for toddler toys, most parents might give them a pass thinking that they might not be appropriate for their young toddler to play with. This thinking however is not entirely true. Yes, toddlers might not be able to reassemble parts to form the picture on the box, but they can definitely assemble the parts to form something. Construction toys and puzzles are great toddler toys and learning aids for your kids. They stimulate a child’s mental and motor skills encouraging problem solving, imaginative thinking etc.

Types of construction toddler toys

The best kind of construction toddler toy would be interlocking blocks. These blocks are large and fairly simple. They fit by a child simply shunting them together. These construction blocks can also be used to increase a child’s language and math capabilities. Language capabilities are increase by encouraging a child to speak about what he or she is building with the construction toddler toy and math capabilities can be increased by encouraging him to count the blocks etc.

Guidelines to picking up construction toddler toys

There are fairly simple rules that you need to follow while buying a construction toddler toy for your young one.

Make sure that the blocks are the interlocking type and not the fitting type. This is important as a toddlers motor skills are not yet fully developed. Once you see that your child can handle the interlocking toddler toys with ease you can shift to the fitting type.

Make sure that the blocks are large.

Remember that your toddler does not have the capability to copy and build something from scratch. Therefore while choosing a construction toddler toy for your little one it might be simpler to opt for something that already has a base construction to which a toddler can add on.

Puzzle toddler toys

Toddler puzzles are also a great way to encourage a toddler to think. They are also freely available at most toy stores. Like construction toddler toys, toddler puzzles also help develop motor, language and math skills. These puzzles generally have 2 to 4 pieces as part of the set and are made of durable materials like thick cardboard, wood and plastic. If you are looking for such puzzles you will find them at Smalltime Child. Smalltime Child has an interesting animal puzzle set called Baby Animal Pairs by Eeboo which will be perfect for your toddler.

Helpful tips for buying puzzle toddler toys

Ensure that the puzzle set has large pieces

If possible try and ensure that the base of the puzzle has pictures corresponding to the pieces of the puzzle. This makes it easier for the child to piece the puzzle together.

Puzzles made out of wood would be the best option as they make for durable toddler toys.

Can anyone help with the construction of a childcare “Policy and Procedures” for my daycare?

Posted in Child Care on 30th October 2010

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