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My brother constantly tells everyone to shut up? He is very disrespectful and my mom doesnt care?

Posted in Child Care on 14th January 2011

My brother constantly tells everyone to shut up? He is very disrespectful and my mom doesnt care?
He is 10 years old and within the past year he’s got really nasty and will say “shut up”, :”I don’t care”, “I hate you” and threaten to hurt anyone for any reason. If someone says “dont say shut up”, he will keep saying it. So I get annoyed by this and sometimes I sit down and tell him that its a disrespectful thing to do. He doesnt listen. The only time that he listens is when I restrain him, like hold his hands so he cant hit me, but I never hurt him in any way, more like Im stopping his tantrum by restraining him and letting him cool down and talking to him in a calm voice.

But if I do this when my mom is around, she will tell me to not hurt him, same with my grandma, even though I am not hurting him at all. They become enraged and yell at me if I do this, and when he says Shut Up, if I tell him to stop, they yell at me and tell me to leave the room. It has got to the point where if I am sitting too close to him while hes being rude, they will yell at me and tell me to leave.

Long story short, he is their favorite child, and they put up with him being disrespectful to everyone and even hitting people. When he hits me, if I even block his punches by holding his arms, they tell me to Stop hurting him. Im not at all! Here he is hitting me and yet they yell at me like Im the bad one. They are so lenient with him with everything. He literally plays video games from 8 AM to 8 PM, they feed him nothing but fast food, NEVER any vegetables, and they dont make him brush his teeth. I really dont want him raised this way because I was (but I was never angry or violent) and if Id had some chores Id be so much better in life. I feel like my mom messed up with me and gave me no responsibilities or chores, and shes doing it again. He eats so terribly and gets no exercise, I really want her to lay down some rules, but she doesnt and babies him. Buys him everything he wants, even though she cant pay bills. So how can my brother stop being so spoiled and given everything that he wants, and on top of that be rude and violent toward people? My hands are tied so is there anything I can do?

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Answer by ♀ ~Chris~ ♀
I think you should call child services, because that just sounds ridiculous. He’s going to get in a lot of trouble at school if he keeps that up.

Answer by kate
He does it because you guys pay attention to him then ,
You even get into the restraining / wrestling thing which he loves .

if you REALLY want him to Stop , start ignoring him like he is NOT there .
Look in his direction but like he’s invisible at something behind him .
Start talking about anything But Not him .

The more you act like he is NOT in the room , Not there and you hear other stuff on TV or radio or someone else talking .
The faster He will Change his attitude , but as long as YOU act like a sucker , he will Keep on playing you .

When he STOPS getting attention , he’ll Stop doing the stuff that is rude but gets him all the attention he wants now .

Try it , it works .

OK , you had such a long long lonnnnnggggggggg post ,
( which next to NO one reads that much bla bla )
I missed the violence part but for that I would just yell
to your mom ,
” The baby needs his diaper changed ” .

Start equating violence with wearing a baby diaper and maybe he’ll get over it but given your parents , maybe not .


Answer by Amy S
organise all your and his friends to go round and give him the most thorough, prolonged tickling ever

Q & A: Constantly telling toddler “NO”?

Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of Jacob’s Mommy (Plus One) : Constantly telling toddler “NO !”?
Hello! I feel like all day long all I do is say no … I start to feel really horrible to read. I’m staying at home, I’m here with my almost 2 year old son all day long from mir.Ich was wondering if someone feels like they always tells her baby “no” are? I hope it is just a “stage” that he is constantly in things he should not be in.Er always timeouts now, I hope that soon begin to help, we (my husband and I) are not to use as our first choice for punishment spanking. It seems to me that the collision is with a child hit only encourage them … this is a no-no. We can provide great things like running beatings on the street … Things that are potentially very dangerous … but not random as the only form of Bestrafung.Ich trying to steer him away from the “no-no” and direct him to something else, without saying “no” … but it does not always work that so that. It’s like it until I do not care for 2 seconds … LOL wait! ! Hi terrible two’s Best Answer:

reply Philm I am an advocate for
spanking. He will grow out of his “terrible two friends,” but you have to spank still available when it becomes annoying. be

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My babies ‘best’ friend is a kind of average. He is constantly misbehaving and take my child a lot. Each ad vice?

Posted in Toddlers on 30th October 2010

question of dust : My babies ‘best’ friend is a kind of average. He is constantly misbehaving and take my child a lot. Each ad vice?
My daughters friend is a young boy, his parents are close friends of us. If you are a game to date, the boy she follows around trying to beat them. He also has an ear piercing scream from that it can not always somthing going his way. He throws fits wild on the hour. My daughter is so sweet to him through all this. She talks about him all the time and I think she really cares about his well being. He is not nice to her and I can not see with their feelings are hurt. Her friend’s father has a girlfriend of mine since high school. We are now in our 30’s. I do not want to do something complicated, but I think if I stop playing the children’s events, I am also putting the excessive strain on our friendship and that we stop, friends, which sucks because it’s not that . many people here in ths town Best Answer:

reply metallica_lover0o
make friends that way your daughter wont grow up to be a pussy.

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