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How do you console a child who is able to contribute with a sibling, but not the others?

Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of cgspitfire : How do you console a child when mother speaks to a sibling, but not the other ?
We had my husband with children (from 6 “Suzie” and 11 “John”) for six weeks this summer. Mama John sent with a prepaid cell phone and called him every night on that or on the phone at home. Although Suzie wanted to talk to her mother, Mama never asked, or remained on the phone long enough to talk to her. When we called the home phone or her cell phone, Mama “no time” to talk to her. Needless to say, Suzie is very disturbed by this. We do not say anything negative about the children’s mother, but how do you console a child who does not understand why Mama does not want to talk to her? My husband tried to talk his ex about their behavior, but she thinks we are “over protection” of our daughter and do not care about our son. That’s not true! We both love of children very much, but hate to hurt either one of them for a lack of attention to see! Does anyone with a less than attentive parents? Any advice in dealing with Suzie without their mother would be welcome down console, we have already tried talking to her about her behavior with the children. It favors obvsiously John about Suzie and we have located specific incidents, but they do not looks so. We even have professionals sitting in family counseling and tell her that she try to give more attention to Suzie needs, but that did not mit.Was always helped custody, we get custody of Suzy (she wants to live with us), but we live in two different states and it is a long battle with no end in sight gewesen.John at this time is high-functioning autistic Sun Mom says he needs to be protected from everything. Suzie, on the other side of “normal” and do not need so much attention. Even the pros have said that we John normal as possible (which in our house, but needed the autism as an excuse in their homeland) treat müssen.Was want me talking to his ex-wife, we do not talk, it was because I’m confirmed. It is not a good situation for me, things carefree and polite to her mother, rather than trying to start a fight … something that the children do not need to be Best Answer:

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you must have both a serious talk with ex about how she is treating her daughter. This is not fair, and the child is not right. If they do not want to bothered with the daughter then perhaps you should consider the daughter or both of the children live with you.

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