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Do you believe in “natural consequences” of parenthood?

Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of Sweetpea : They believe in “natural consequences” parenthood
I mean, instead of stopping your child something dangerous, you can get them hurt instead. How do I know this woman, instead of her toddler warning “Do not touch the stove” in it not the finger “or they can burn it to beat or with the fingers or fall down the stairs or something comforting for some reason, instead of him, or explain what happened, she just says, “Well, now he will not do it again” The boy isn’t even two years old and he is burned down the stairs like, had his finger broken in the cupboards and car doors, on things suffocated, and I really think its just negligent, but argued that his parents and a legitimate techniqu what I know: (She is an elderly woman, much older than me and 2 other children who are most intimidated and submissive children I have ever met who never do anything, nothing is. They are 4 and 6 credit). you ever heard of this “natural consequences of” something is, or is it made crap to that parental neglect s their Children permitted Best Answer:

reply by Andrea I
of operations in which parents let their children will not easily burn your fingers (to enough to the hospital or seriously injured, but just enough so that they will receive have heard the message) as a way to teach them not to go near the stove. However, they could fall down the stairs and strangle me appears to limit its abuse and neglect, burning fingers is one thing, but burn would stifle much more dangerous than a little, and could easily out of hand. The same applies to the fall down stairs or breaking up his Finger.Ich think that letting your kids burn their fingers is slightly effective method, but if you try to build your confidence with your child, it is not – I like to call it the Tough Love or TLM method. It will work for sure, but it may mean losing confidence and respect from your child and verletzen.Ob is worth it or not, I’m not sure I personally do not have the courage, so with the TLM at my children and I have never, but if I did I would probably try to comfort them at least, if I did let it happen. (For example, say: “I’m sorry that happened, but from now on we will try to ensure that it does not happen again,” etc.) is not complete and they swear it.

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