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Could my computer monitor to die? Or what do you think?

Posted in Babysitting on 18th December 2012

Could dying my computer monitor? Or what do you think?
Ok, my parents monitor is a Dell monitor, do not know which exact model / serial number. It is a White CRT style, came with a Dell XPS R450 Demensions. That was like in 1997 or so, so that the computer had a Pentium 2 @ 450Mhz. The computer is now mounted, is a Pentium 4@1.5Gh. A Dell Turm.Ok, so here’s the problem I’ve noticed: I’m “babysitting” at my parents for a week, the dog, and I am with computers a lot, that’s who I am now. Like I said, the monitor about 10 years old or so. Now runs on Windows XP Home Turm.Ich would go with the computer normally, and the monitor is on the fritz. The resulation would be all messed up, as it were by itself Firstly dim for a few seconds, as if it was in standby mode. Then would come back but it’s like it is in a resulation mode that the video card / monitor does not support. There would be many rows color displayed ramdomly on the screen. They would many “start” Menüs.Und mouse icons. It reminds me of a lot of older computers, or even as early Pentium 486 computer when you. Resulation in a range of mode Just ramdomly order. I was in myspace and e-mail if it does not happen, in the controll pannel. And I’m the only user jetzt.Vielen Thanks Best Answer (s):

response from ellie s
Well things do not last forever so i like buying a new Dell would probably work the best (personal experiences she longest) or Gateway are those pretty well … 🙂

response from ~ JJ ~
I’d say! A new monitor, because it would be more ahead, and until then known for 10 year old monitor

response from Joe 6pack American
Actually, I think you lost your video drivers. This has happened to my son the computer. For some strange reason, the graphics driver will beschädigt.Wenn. The information on your graphics card manufacturer’s website and download and install the latest drivers for your Karte.Mit WinXP you can try the computer search the Internet for appropriate drivers

How can a game from my computer? It will not be uninstalled normally?

Posted in Toddlers on 2nd November 2010

question from Amanda Run : How can I remove a game from my computer? It will not be uninstalled normally?
I can not remove me this game “Winnie the Pooh Toddler” version 1.0 from my computer. He says it is the inclusion of more than 3,000 MB. It is not played in more than two years, and I can not find the disc came with. When I click the “Change / Remove” button nothing happens, then it just kind of flashes quickly. . If anybody has a suggestion let me know Best Answer:

response from TT
If you do not remove it so go to “My Computer” and right click the file folder, and press Delete. Then just empty the trash. Of course, you need to know where the program is installed. Probably in the C: drive.

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