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does student loans take away the control that’s coming in the mail from irs?

Posted in Child Support on 9th January 2013

not take the student loan check that’s coming in the mail from irs?
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response from Beckee If
it, it will not be a check which has come in the mail. The IRS will take payment for delinquent student loans from tax refunds. I used to answer phones for IRS taxpayer service. We talked a lot of angry people who had registered for the school, and perhaps one day, they thought that they did not pay back the loan. Ha! More entertaining was the reaction of the other spouse when we explained that the tax refunds they were counting on were made to pay alimony. “What kid?” Classic!

response from Jss
If you owe student loans, you will not receive the rebate check. It is against the amount you owe will be set. For more information read the stimulus tax rebate:

response by Judy If
it to factory state , is yes, it is. Otherwise it will not.

New baby coming and Black Lab is acting strange?

Posted in Child Care on 7th May 2012

New baby coming and Black Lab is acting strange?
I am 5 1/2 months pregnant with our third child and our 1 year old Lab is starting to act strange. We are still giving him the same amount of attention we always have and have even started trying to get him used to what it will be like to have a small child in the house( sounds of baby crying, one of us holding a doll and “caring” for it ect). He just seems to be nervous all the time inside now. He is great with our two older children(6&3) but has never been around a baby. His actions are starting to worry me. What is causing this and how can we make it better?
He paces around the house, refuses to eat/drink while he is in and just can’t seem to relax, he is just fine when he is outside though. He is not sick, we have taken him to a vet and he has asured us that he is in perfect health.

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Answer by buterfly_2_lovely
A nervous dog is a dangerous dog. This is not a DIY or internet information question.

You need to seek out an experienced behaviorist or trainer.

Answer by Mel H
Maybe the dog is only picking up on your own tension and behaving as he is because of it? What exactly is he doing? Might he not be feeling well?

Answer by Sarah
The dog is probably picking up on your tension. I had 2 labs when my daughter was born (one under 1 yr) and they were great with her. The last few months of my pregnancy, they both paced and seemed a little off. They wouldn’t leave me alone and couldn’t be still for long periods of time.

You might want to consider new baby dog training. The trainer will help you help the dog with the transition. Your vet can probably recommend a trainer in your area that deals with major transitions.

Labs are great baby-sitter dogs! Mine would let me know the baby was waking up before the baby cried and would sit with her until she was alright and sleeping again.