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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when i say Ann Coulter?

Posted in Child Care on 25th September 2012

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when i say Ann Coulter?
“I think women should be armed,but should not be allowed to vote.No,they all have to give up their vote,not just,you know,the lady clapping and me.The problem with women voting –and your communists will back me up on this-is that,you know,women have no capacity to understand how money is earned.They have alot of ideas on how to spend it.And when they take these polls it’s always more money on education,more money on child care,more money on day care.”
Ann Coulter-Politically Incorrect-Feb.26,2001
jd640-no i didn’t-Her words-what else could they mean but what she said?

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Answer by Seldon Surak
skinny blonde bych

Answer by Bobby7

Answer by Captain Awesome
A liberals worst nightmare.

Answer by I’m a coward. Waterboard me
An X chromosome and a Y chromosome.

Answer by Mark
Soulless Demoniac

Answer by analogicalysis
Insert foot in mouth then lie about having feet.

Answer by Obamanable Faux Man
Partisan hack who does more harm than good.

Her secret-weapon is the personal attack which renders any constructive debate null and void.

Answer by Lamplighter
A male skeleton in a miniskirt.

Answer by Bob Loblaw
I just threw up in my mouth a little….

Answer by carter_lansford
A very strong desire to stab out my eyes and ear drums with the nearest object.

Am I over reacting when it comes to my child?

Posted in Child Care on 19th October 2011

Am I over reacting when it comes to my child?
Me (34 yrs old) and my son’s dad (25 yrs old) broke up (because he cheated on me) when I was 9 weeks pregnant. This is his first child and my second child (I have a 10 yr old daughter). Within all the time that we haven’t been together I haven’t had a boyfriend but he has had several woman either for sex or for a relationship. I try to be fair when it comes to allowing him time with his son – either giving him 4 to 5 hours at the most – I know that isn’t much time but I do what I can, and he seemed satified with that. Since he got this new girlfriend, he hasn’t been over to see his son in almost a month and a half and that upset me because its like he’s choosing this woman over his own son. My main reason for not allowing the new girlfriend time with our son is because how long is this woman going to be in his life? and I don’t think it would be right to expose my son to this woman if she is only going to be the gf for a while, then they break up and he gets another one. I don’t feel that we as parents need to expose our son to that kinda activity. I know that goes double for me as well… I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past.
He does work and gives me money, sometimes! since he had his job I only seen money one time out of the whole month of employment. We had a conversation through IM last night and he said ” he gives me money when he can, and he feels that even though he doesn’t see our son. The money he does give, shows that he cares.” was I wrong to have heated feelings over that statement? just a couple weeks ago, he asked to take my son out of town with him and his new girlfriend for the day – I felt really uneasy about the whole thing because I don’t know her at all and I am going to not only intrust her but my ex w/ our child? I know that may sound immature but am I wrong for feeling that way? I want to be the big person in this and allow my son time with his dad not his dad and his new girlfriend? And one more thing… is it wrong to not allow my almost 1 yr old son to spend the night w/ his dad and the new girlfriend? HELP!

I don’t want to make it seem like I am making up excuses or keeping him from his son. Im just trying to be a good parent to my child/children and raise them up to the best of my ability. When I was raising my daughter, I didn’t have to deal with her dad being in the picture like I do with my son. So this whole sharing a child situation is new to me!

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Answer by clotho_uk
I think you’re sounding very reasonable about this. You are right that a new girlfriend is not someone who should be introduced into a child’s life until they have been together for a longer period of time, so the child does not form an attachment to one girlfriend after another. It is not fair of your ex to be expecting this as it is not what is best for his child and he ought to make the effort to spend time with his child without his girlfriend.

Answer by LDR
Tell him he can see his son if he’s alone or if he and the girl get married, then they can see him together, after you get to know her. Otherwise, it’s your son. You need to protect him. That lady could be a criminal, a child molester, a kidnapper, anything! You don’t know and if you don’t then don’t let your son spend time alone with them. I’m sure if she had a child, she wouldn’t want to just pass him around to random strangers either.

Answer by Charm on Vacation
Does he get to make the rules for you? And how you spend your time with your son? And who you expose your son to?

I don’t disagree with most of what you say, he probably shouldn’t expose the child to a lot of girlfriends, however, this is his child as well. Just because you are the custodial parent, why should you get to dictate how he spends his time with his son, and who he exposes him to?

If you’re not careful, someone will advise him to get a custody order, and you may end up with no say at all in how much time he gets, and what he does with it.

Answer by Jillian
This guy sounds exactly like my best friend’s baby daddy. Their daughter is now 6. He has been in and out of her life from day 1. He has gone for months without seeing her, then he’ll stop by for a few hours. As the little girl gets older, it really effects her. After she sees her dad, she is depressed for days. She is feeling rejected and doesn’t know how to deal with it so she acts out as well. My friend was tired of dealing with the emotional roller coaster so she told him, either come every single week or don’t come at all. He stopped coming and their daughter is just fine. My friend got married too so her daughter now has a fulltime father figure.

I have read a lot of books on parenting and stepparenting and all the experts say that the noncustodial parent has to be a regular part of the child’s life or they end up doing damage to the child. He just can’t pop in and be a dad when he is single or when his girlfriend is busy. Your son is better off with NO father than this guy. Is your dad around? Is there a male relative that can spend time with your son and be a positive male presence in his life?

Feminists do have to take the majority of the fathers / husbands little when it comes to their children / to come home?

Posted in Child Care on 16th November 2010

question of cosmic search : Do feminists take over the majority of the fathers / husbands do little when it comes to their children / home ?
Feminists say they are “to be responsible relieve the double shift of women to work and child care” for fighting. First of all, no one forces you to have kids. OK, why feminists assume that fathers do little or nothing when it comes to care for their child? My father certainly has a lot to me. Sure women are still the majority of the house hold chores, but maybe some women do nothing about it, eh? And the father can not do this type of task, but that does not mean he is sitting drunk on the sofa all day. It seems that most men do a lot of the house, the outside work. Why would you assume that the majority of men do not contribute at all Best Answer:

response of tangerine
studies have shown that although both partners work outside the home in most cases it is usually women who pick most is loose at home. It’s nice if the father spends time with the kids, but I’m willing to bet that his wife would be oh-so-grateful if he has his fair share of the housework.

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