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Child Support and College Expenses – Plan Thoroughly, and Plan Ahead

Posted in Child Support on 6th January 2018

In any home, paying for college is a significant, often the most significant expense a family makes, with the exception of a home purchase. For divorced or divorcing parents, college expenses represent another factor is often included in the divorce settlement.

Even for the parents of young children, college expenses should be considered, possibly in the form of a college savings fund that sets money aside for a child’s post-high school education. In some states, courts may award one spouse support from the other for the purpose of paying for college. In the courts, this is known as post-secondary, post-minority or college child support. However, it is important to know the laws that apply to your state, as not all have statutes that hold parents responsible for college support. Even in states without statutes, parents may ask a court to include provisions for college in a child support agreement.

In considering whether to award college support, the divorce court may consider several factors, as it would with other forms of child support. The court may require documentation of the incomes of each party, as well as any income or resources specific to the child. The court may also take into account the child’s interest in college, career goals, academic history, and general aptitude. The educational level of each parent and that of any siblings or half-siblings the child has may also contribute to the court’s decision.

If a regular child support order is still in force while a child attends college, the parent assuming the payment responsibility may ask the court to modify the child support based on the extra expenses of college. In states that do not require parents to pay for a child’s college costs, parents have the right to negotiate this element of support in the larger child support agreement. Typically, the more specific the agreement, including what expenses are each parent’s responsibility, the more useful the agreement is in avoiding conflict.

Such an agreement may also limit the support to a specific number of semesters and specify the price range of the colleges a child may attend. Any financial aid in the form of grants or scholarships should also be anticipated, and the award of such aid will likely play a factor in altering the agreement.

Of course, many parents opt to make their child partially responsible for their own education. A college support agreement may also dictate that the student be responsible for some portion of tuition, books, board, or other expenses, assuming grants or scholarships to cover these expenses are not received. Parents sometimes require that a child take a particular number of credit hours per semester and maintain a certain grade point average for the support payments to continue. In order to make such verification possible, provisions can often be made that grant each parent regular reports on the child’s progress, grades, and course history, so long as a college child support agreement is in force.

College costs represent a significant financial burden on everyone. In a divorce case, work with your divorce lawyer to explore options for fairly distributing this expense among both parties. After all, the success of the child at college is something that all parties can likely agree upon.

Do women like 26 year old guys with this personality (college level ladies, or 20/up preferred)?

Posted in Child Care on 16th June 2014

Do women like 26 year old guys with this personality (college level ladies, or 20/up preferred)?
im kind, nice, shy, i have a big heart, i am caring, i also have a soft heart. i get very sentimental when it comes to suffering from other people or animals. i love animals and i do my best to be a good person. i am very easy to get along with. i love to give, and i do not expect nothing in return. and i love children. i go to wright state university, my major is psychology.


Best answer(s):

Answer by Charlie Sheen
no girls like guys who treat them like sh*t and live like a rockstar

Answer by Stop testicular abuse

Answer by Miss Marlboro
I’m 19 and in college. I don’t prefer shy guys, although I do like “caring” guys who love animals. But I sort of hate children.

The kind of guy I prefer is very clever, intellegent, sly in a non-malicious way, sarcastic and with an adventurous spirit. I tend to think men who are too “easy to get along with” are boring and always bent on avoiding conflict. Personalities with character and a dash of controversy are the best for me. But I’m always told I’m not easy to get along with either, so I might not be your type anyway.

This does NOT mean I like men who treat me like crap or are “players,” I just like guys who have a zest for life and don’t change their views to meet others needs. A strong will, sense of honor, and a word of gold are huge plusses also.

I want to start selling insurance. I just graduated from college. No insurance background.?

Posted in Working Mothers on 19th September 2013

I want to start selling insurance. I just graduated from college. No insurance background.?
I looked at it and said the State Farm licensing and training may, after the expiration of twelve months. He also said it would hired six weeks if selected. State Farm is good? Are there better company? I feel this is a really long process. How about Liberty Mutual Best Answer (s):

reply by Rosalie R
What a huge question. First of all, if you are lucky your college degree contain a little work in the world of mathematics. The insurance industry is all about mathematics and statistics and averages and Tabellen.Zweitens you need to know that the insurance is marketed through two different “channels”. Companies like State Farm have their own offices (called agents), and their own employees (called agents), and only sell their own insurance. Thus, training is something they kontrollieren.Das other delivery system is through insurance brokers. These people are insurance brokers that have their offices and sell many different brands of insurance. Brokers train their people in the “art” of selling insurance, and a little about the various companies Produkte.Schließlich you need to know that there are two different types of insurance. People and things insurance insurance. Normally, the life and health insurance, you mean for the people are just that: life and health. For insurance for things (like your car and house) we use the term accident insurance. Each type has to start his own policy, departments “mother” company and potentially own Agenten.Um with, I would suggest you chat with a broker, and a successful one. For example, go to the local grocery store, find the manager / owner and ask who handles the accident insurance. Then when talking with this person, they ask who the largest life and health insurance brokerage einsehen.Nach a conversation with them, you follow your head and get a Ausbildung.Viel luck.