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In detective stories, where they coin the term “MacGuffin”?

Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question from Sean : In detective stories, where they coin the term “MacGuffin”
Since I was actually just “Adventures in Babysitting tonight and thought,” Hey, that Playboy magazine is the MacGuffin in this film! ” If you do not know what a MacGuffin is then Nevermind (I already do). But if you know where the term used, when there was contact Best Answer.

reply catsi563
that good old Alfred Hitchcock would be .. who coined the term and the is a trick used to move a story along through motivation of the characters but little else signifigant value or relevance to the Geschichte.ein example of a MacGuffin in modern cinema is the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. we get to see so whats neevr importan about it, but it motivates the characters Geschichte.thers a small article, throuout more fully explained but Alfred Hitchcock si the answer you are looking for.

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