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Why is my cat so clumsy?

Posted in Babysitting on 4th May 2014

Why is my cat so clumsy?
I have 2 kittens that are about 3 or 4 months old. One of them I had since he was 3 weeks old and the clumsy cat I got a few weeks ago. My first cat can jump on counters and jump really high and balance on my leg etc. The cat I got a few weeks ago from my coworker seems really clumsy. My first cat feels like he has lots of muscle whereas the new cat feels like pudding. The new clumsy cat cant balance on my leg and when I dangle toys in the air he only jumps a couple inches off the ground then crash lands as if his feet forgot what to do or something. The clumsy cat has been seen by a vet and he seems really active, but he still just seems like he is half as capable as the other cat.

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Answer by brutusmom
It may be in their genetic makeup. If the kitten that you’ve had for awhile is part Siamese ( or other slender/oriental breed ), he’ll be able to jump “tall buildings” :-)…….or at least 6 ft straight up!!

The newer kitten may have shorter legs, fatter body, and be of some more “sedentary” breed…..Persian, etc….which tend to NOT be able to jump as high as he more slender/athletic breeds. It could be that the kitten has been in a cage his whole life, and never got any REAL exercise, so his muscles aren’t developed as much as your “jumper”.

I have a Himalayan ( short legs ) and Siamese ( long legs ), and the Himmy loves to sit & “play Queen”, while the Siamese want to run & jump ALL the time. So, I speak from ( some ) experience…..

Give your new kitten a lot of exercise….running after wads of paper, balls, etc……and don’t make him try to balance on your legs, until his muscles have had a chance to get stronger. If you have a “cat tree”, that would be good……so he could learn to climb and use his leg muscles more….thus making them stronger. Also, the kittens will LOVE to chase each other up / down the “tree”…..Lots of fun to watch!!

Hope some of this helps you ……..Good luck with your new “baby”…..Hope he starts to “build up” soon, so that he can enjoy being a kitten………ENJOY………