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Friend goes to club without me?

Posted in Babysitting on 8th August 2013

friend goes to club without me?
My friend always goes to the club, but never invites me. When I ask him why he says only that he was not going to have fun, but to “babysit” the girls he is with (if clock for guys are also having to touch them or what ever). I understand these girls are his friends, but it bothers me that I am never invited. I’ve never met these friends of his. What do you think He does not want me to go with him Best Answer (s):

Reply Dude
not bring sand to the beach

response from Words of Wisdom
honest – he probably does not seem so much about how uncomfortable it hang with these other girls in the clubs offer you. Who knows what he’s doing with these girls. I mean, it’s a club (with alcohol?), And he is with a series of (probably single) GIRLS, and he could cheat. But then again, if you really know your friend well enough, you’ll know that he did not do anything about it because you tell him vertrauen.Ich check up on him at the club. Fact-go with it! I’m sure he would not mind going to the club with his girlfriend. This gives you two are a perfect opportunity to save and get down and dirty in the club your relationship.

Reply by Karrin S
go anywhere without him, which include several types of friends.

Reply aurorabor09 can not
girls like. He is basically the only living life .. not even in your relationship with him into consideration. It is not fair to you … You could play the same game and do the same to him .. but I think you should spend it. If he cares about you .. he will change