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Has anyone noticed that ALL the Infant vaccines for, Hib,PCV, and a couple others all claim:?

Posted in Child Care on 3rd August 2012

Has anyone noticed that ALL the Infant vaccines for, Hib,PCV, and a couple others all claim:?
That those viruses that are being innoculated against are the “the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in the United States”.

My question is, if theyre not all vaccines for the same agents, why are we innoculating our infants three different times for the same thing, with multiple follow up shots? And if they are all different agents being vaccinated against, how can they all be “the leading cause of bacterial meningitis in the United States”?

I find soo many inconsistancies in the CDC’s print offs, the drug companies information sheets, and all the sites online. Call me what you want, But i nearly DIED from the Hib Vaccine as a child. Just makes me wonder.

Another thing that makes me wonder, all the sites and sheets and print offs (including the one my doctor gave me) say “Newborns can get tetanus from unclean tools used to cut the umbilical cord, or poor cord care” And that adults can get it from stepping on nails or being bitten by an animal and getting an infection.
So why are we vaccinating our 2,4 and 6 month olds against tetanus? lol. They dont walk yet, and their cords are already cut and healed.

makes you wonder.

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Answer by slawsayssss
Because the medical industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and every infant born in the us gets 8 vacines or more. If they made 1 dollar for each child born int he U.S. and England for Each vacine they take it would be enough to support them for the rest of their life, in 1 year.

As well why do people feel the need to vacinate their newborn infants against STD’s??? is their child sharing needles and sleeping around?? do they expect their child to be doing that when they are an adult??

The fact is people have jsut been told they are safe and they can’t think for themselves. They don’t know what is being injected into their 2 day old baby. they don’t know that mercury isn’t the only bad thing in them, they don’t knwo that there is anti-freeze in them, or formaldehyde , or primate DNA. They also don’t realize that NO vaccine has ever been TESTED on an infant. All vaccines have only been tested on toddlers and older, it is illegal for them to test them on human infants, so the only way to know if the vacines cause side effects is if someone reports the side effects.
people don’t report the side effects because they have no clue and doctors don’t because they have been told the vacines are safe or they are getting paid off by the drug companies.
And the only time anyone says anything is when a whistle blower steps out and speaks up against it, then they are featured on 20/20 or something for one week then brushed under the rug.

Answer by Carla R
I think you actually know the answer to this burning question!
Its all about money….. the vax makers want more and they are able to pay people support their agenda.

Can I claim myself & my 5 year old even though I didn’t work?

Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd May 2011

Can I claim myself & my 5 year old even though I didn’t work?
I’m a F/T stay-at-home-mom & a P/T college student.I stayed home last year because I wanted to breastfeed our baby for a whole year.To do something I have never had the chance to do with my other two children.I raise my 5 yr old & our 1 yr old.I lost T.A.N.I.F for my 5yr old because the baby was born in the “CAP” time.I have WIC & Food Stamps.But those only take care of food.I need money for a place to stay(Which I already have lined up & I can own it in a few years.,Just would need some money to survive on til I get a job) My Guardians screwed with my name & apparently didn’t do a legal name change when they changed my name.So,when my State I.D. expired,my G/F helped pay the $ 41.00 so I could change my name to what I have on my certified birth Certificate.Then I had to be jerked around for almost 6 months til I received my State I.D…So now I have it & it’s been about 2 weeks since I received it & now I have to get my kids in a Daycare because – as of right now – all I have is a babysitter (Another best friend who comes to sleepover on monday nights & wednesday nights-away from her B/F,so she can get a ride & be here on time to watch my kids so I can go to college.She has the baby in the morning at 10ish am & then gets my 5yr old off the bus & has the both of them til a little after 7pm.But she’s unable to keep them all week when I work.I JUST RECEIVED THE DAYCARE ASSISTANCE LETTER TODAY! So,after i fill that out,then I can go to work..SO TO ALL THOSE JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE OUT THERE: Some of us “Mothers” just can’t do certain things at the time to make everyone happy.We do what we need to do as a mother as best as we can.To the best of our ability & for survival.

The biological father helps out with the needs & birthdays of my 5 yr old & the same for the baby.Technically not,he actually relies on his Grandmother to do it all & she does.But anyway…Til just recently,he has left us because he’s the problem & I told him he had to leave because it is easier for him to find a place to stay with friends then it is for me & the girls.My friends suggest a shelter,but I don’t want to expose my girls to that unless I REALLY had to & I don’t.& I don’t want to take a bed from a woman whose life is in danger where as mine isn’t.I feel that it would be wrong.So,the lease doesn’t run out til May & we have to tell the Landlord in March that we’re not staying another whole year.He’s actually left that responsibility up to me.What a pussy! Well,he’s been gone for four days & i didn’t know when he was coming back.Well,he came back today to get his tax paperwork.So far in our past conversations & when I spoke with him on the phone on January 30,2010,he said he was going to give me $ 1000 out of his taxes because he’s going to claim my 5 year old,me,our daughter & his Obviously his work..Anyway,my G/F (Best friend to all those who think it’s wierd to be straight & have a friend who’s straight & refer her to you as my “G/F) says it’s better than nothing.I agree,but because a mothers job is never done til the day she dies-lol…How come the state can’t pay us some money for taking care of our kids.We-as a mother-have the hardest job on a man goes to work,he works & when he comes home when his shift is over..That’s it,his job is done.A mothers job is around the clock.If a child wakes up in the night due to nightmares or growing pains or a wet diaper.Guess who wakes up to take care of that?The mother! So,I ask you,can I claim myself & my 5 year old even though he’s been financially taking care of us?

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Answer by the tax lady
Short version of this post, no you don’t get anything if you file. Unless you bought a house in 2009, none of the 4 refundable credits apply to you.

Since you won’t get anything, you can freely sign the form 8332 and give it to the father. With it, he can legally file and claim the exemption and child tax credit with the child you had together. He CANNOT file HOH, child care or EIC. He *must* file the form with his taxes or he’ll be commiting fraud.

As the NON-custodial parent he gets NOTHING without the form.

Answer by Tua-Nei T
if you didn’t have any source of income then no. unless you have a w2 claiming that you worked in 2009 then yes you can claim. because her biological has been financially taking care of you guys then he is more than likely going to claim that so he can get some money back from uncle sam

Answer by artillerygirl01
You have no income to file a tax return on, so trying to file and claim the kids yourself is pointless.

How frustrating is it to find out your return is delayed because your ex tried to claim your child?

Posted in Child Care on 13th April 2011

How frustrating is it to find out your return is delayed because your ex tried to claim your child?
that he didn’t even bother paying for all year?

I work in a tax accounting office and have seen two sides of this, a woman filed her taxes claiming her children that she provided for all year only to be denied claiming them because ex already did. Now she has to go through all types of b.s. to rectify this.

Another was of this dead-beat dad filing, girl friend sitting next to him belly-aching that she “don’t care” if they didn’t live with them or that he didn’t pay for them, that they “be his kids” and he is entitled to “da money” anyway. “F*** dat *itch, she on welfare anyway.”

It’s infuriating listening to this nonsense.

How would you feel if your ex claimed your children, delaying your return that you may very well need for your children, because he decided to claim them?

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Answer by mcally Baby Feet
Any parent that would claim a child after they have done nothing to support the child should be taken out and beaten. I bet it never dawned on the stupid girlfriend that the mom might not be on welfare if the slime ball father supported his kids

Answer by Amy G
This happens to me with my niece. We have raised her since she was 2. Her mother has only seen her once since she has left her. (this past November) Every couple of years, when she is out of jail, she will claim my niece on her taxes. It pi$ $ es me off to no end! She has never given us one penny yet she feels she has a right to claim her. (she told us it was her right because it was her child) I’m sure we’ll go through it again this year because the 8itch is out of jail.

Answer by Simple
I would drive to his house, get up in his face, and flip s**t! He did help out the last 4 months of the year because the court ordered him to. I made it very clear before W2’s even came out that she lives with me, I pay for the majority of her needs, therefore I am claiming her. It’s not really about the money, just the nerve of the worthless parents who are just using their kids for extra cash.

Answer by LMK26
I would feel very HAPPY when the IRS went after the creep, relentlessly, to recoup the ex’s ill-gotten gains!

This happened to me a few years ago. Ex claimed all 4 kids (I have sole custody), filed married joint, put me down for zero income (I made more than he did) and signed my name on the return. (H&R Block guy told him it was ok to do this!!!) When I went to efile I was frantic – could not figure out why it kept getting rejected.

Took the IRS almost 2 years to send me my refund (I ended up using their Taxpayer Advocate service) and go after him….he is on their sh1t list and making repayments, like, for the rest of his life!