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I take apple cider vinegar with honey 3 times a day to help to get rid of the bad toxins? Thanks?

Posted in Working Mothers on 20th June 2013

I take apple cider vinegar with honey 3 times a day to help to get rid of the bad toxins? Thanks?
malt vinegar would work the same as apple cider vinegar. Would malt vinegar help you lose weight as well? Thanks Best Answer (s):

response from Sky
Most people do not realize how much waste can be trapped in our bodies. Experts estimate that most people in the interior of the colon have 10-15 of waste trapped walls. Imagine how unhealthy this is with all these toxins sitting inside us. Oprah had a guest on her show, which, as we need to ensure that we clean our bodies of this rubbish.

spoken response from soisitok
a series of colonics or enemas works better.

response of Monkey Love is
apple cider vinegar with the “mother” in it what you want. A good and trustworthy brand is “Dr. Bragg.” Malt vinegar will do nothing, it is not at all the same Sache.Die ACV (apple cider vinegar) does not really help get rid of toxins per se It helps your body’s pH balance (eating a Western diet with bread and sweets, our body is a bit out of wack!), so it is good to take to keep your body in good balance. Fresh lemon juice is also good for this, but not exactly the same as acv.Wenn you want toxins out, take saunas once a week (if possible) do a bowel cleanse program (you can surcharges for these at a health food store or whole foods to find).

Apple cider vinegar without the “mother” good or bad?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question from Mike : apple cider vinegar without the “mother” good or bad ?
So I bought a bottle of apple vinegar, as I heard it was good for my pH balance. However, I noticed there is also a cider vinegar with the brown substance, the “mother”, which apparently all the health benefits. Mine is only a clear Flüssigkeit.Ich wonder if drinking water well ACV mixed with water is bad for me? Will it still work as a pH-balance-Agent? I just hope it does not turn on my body more acid than I can too sick really easily bekommen.Hoffe you help me! thank Best Answer:

response nurse for 20 years
your body has its own pH balance without any help. Drinking would not only be a little disgusting, but completely pointless.

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