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Do Christians care about humanity …?

Posted in Child Care on 5th January 2011

Do Christians care about humanity …?
… or are they merely trying to find more victims … er … “converts” to appease their blood-thirsty, sadistic Abuser?

How often have we heard that if not for God they’d not care about anyone?

How often have we seen them tell us they love God more than their children, spouse, or anything else of this world?

This week I asked Christians how many would spurn Free Will if it meant the difference between their child living and their child dying. Not one would give up Free Will (God’s “gift”, don’t you know), even if it meant their own child died because of it.

So when they say they “care for humanity”, isn’t that the same kind of “care” a butcher feels for cows?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Erick H
If he’s a blood thristy,sadistic abuser,then how come he sacraficed his son for us so that we can have eternal life?

Answer by sudda
NO!!! it’s all about them and so called”GOD”.

Answer by Skip-Jack
Do I detect hatred towards God? It leads to a bitter life.

Answer by Linda B
not really. It’s the kind of care I can give to someone I trust with my entire life, my kids, my parents, anything and everything. Because I know that God loves us unconditionally, more than we are capable of understanding, or of giving. I know God wants what is best for us, His children. You are going to believe what makes sense to you, I’m not trying, nor have I ever tried to convince others about God. You have what you believe and I have my beliefs. We can agree to disagree can’t we?

May Peace be unto you.

Answer by Marianne T
you are really mixed up….

in every world or local disaster….ther christians are the first ones there to help…most charities are christian…

we love God, and he takes care of our children….

you do not yet understand free will..which is a completely different subject than the love of God.,

God is always there to help…all we have to dois ask..

Answer by theladylooking
Oh come on give me a break, God does not ask such things of us, you think only of the flesh, the flesh dies & rots. the spirit is what we are trying to save, we want a better life then what this world offers. look around you man, evil is everywhere. (can we save our kids)? if we could why are so many being killed, raped,molested,kidnapped, abused? evil is out of control. the only way to save our kids is to teach them of God who saves their spirit. what is in the heart cannot be removed, teach them good and right, teach them about a savior so when the evil comes they feel they have hope of more then what they have been through here where satan is on the rampage. GOD help us all, this world is evil. a better place is there for the asking.

Answer by Wild Ape
I think some “Christians” beat the love of God out of people. They lose sight of how they should be loving and instead try to dominate and control people. You sound like someone who has had a lot of experiences with those “Christians”.

It is also natural for believers to pin everything that happens on God. God is to blame for everyone’s mess. I submit that Free Will is the source of more malaise than God.

A Christian might fear suffering but not death. For us there is an afterlife. It would be sad to lose a child–sad?—it would be devastating—crushing! We Christians believe that death is not the end of things—only a transition. That is why it is consistant and logical for a Christian to choose Free Will.

I’m sorry that you are bitter about the history you’ve had with Christians. I hope that you find peace of mind.

Answer by SeeTheLight
God would never tempt us the way that we would have to choose free will or our child.

It is a scary thought that you would take the free will of all the others to save your child. Ohh, that speaks a lot about your sense of humanity.

Answer by Apostle Jeff
How come you have so much hate?

Answer by Sara
The Bible does not teach humanity.

The Bible teaches that humanity is sinful, prone to evil and self-destruction. History itself proves this. Look at all the hundreds of millions of people who have been killed over the centuries in bloody war.

Humanism Excludes God

Q & A: Christians – why do you want to say that you do not “care” what other people think etc, but then …?

Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of God’s Ho : Christians – why do you say that you do not “care” what other people think etc, but then make …?
… The most blatant attempts to brainwashing and indoctrination of your children? If they are not “other people” Oh – and, if you will give me all that “to indoctrinate atheists” is not in the least true. Almost without exception, we believe in the children the freedom to use their own opinion. My son is Buddhist.Oli – the point is I do not choose where my child follows. It is his choice – how can you dare take it otherwise. When he came to me and said he wanted to go to church, I would like to drive it dort.Cosmos – LOL, good question! He does not believe that “this is it” and reincarnation, it makes sense to him – and he tries to respect all living things. It’s all a bit wishy-washy, but he is quite seriously (he is 13) Best Answer.

reply from Lion bag
But wickedness did on the face of the whole country prevail, so that the Lord has taken away his beloved disciples, and stop the work of miracles and healing have come because the guilt of the Menschen.14 And there were no gifts from the Lord and the Holy Spirit is not at all, because of their wickedness and Ungläubigkeit.15 And I *, where fifteen years old and is something of a sober mind, So I was visited by the Lord and tried and was aware of the quality Jesu.16 And I try to preach to these people, but my mouth was closed and I was forbidden to preach to them that I, for behold, they had deliberately against their God rebelled, and the beloved disciple were taken out of the country, because of their Ungerechtigkeit.17 But I have to stay among them, but I was forbidden to preach it, because of the hardness of their hearts;. And because of the hardness of their hearts the land was cursed for their sake

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