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Do you think that Christian dating sites, women should clarify “no children” when she had an abortion?

Posted in Child Care on 6th October 2013

Do you think christian dating websites, women should clarify “no children” when she had an abortion?
My buddy was on a Christian dating site chatting with a girl, she had no children to their profile. Then came the issue of abortion, and he finds out that she had an abortion. I think they should need is an option to “I had a child, but I decided to cancel” instead of making “no children”, says. My buddy wasted a lot of time chatting with this woman before he found out. Most Christian guys are not going to want a woman like at this time, you know Best Answer (s):

response from cassio peia
your friends list should be one of the duggar sknks

answer so far by Secret Agent of God (BWR)
It is not a man’s f *** ing business. 🙂

answer by Dana the Great (яє ∂ нσт)
Abortion does not prevent them from becoming a mother, it makes you the mother of a dead child.

Reply uberdork
wasted time? Well, that’s not very nice. The times not wasted if they were friends. You can never have enough friends.

Reply by Freak Of Care
Cool story, bro.

Reply by Jessi
What could possibly be a site able to clarify the women what they “no children” think of when she had an abortion? How would the site know even know if the woman decided to lie?

Reply 0
I somehow doubt that women about abortion on a dating site unterhalten.Es would like to talk haemoroids its inappropriate was a guy messing with you

answer by Dr. Frog, Flying High Again
Yes, because that’s what a grown woman chose to do with their bodies is entirely your Geschäft.Sind you not on it stoned to death now not a virgin?

response from Dash should
How clear about whether she is still a virgin?

Reply rumbler_12
Hmm, that’s right most evangelical Christians see it as a sin and they do not really forgive sin, they give lip service to the Wort.Also this woman must now wear the scarlet letter? Fairly shallow friend I would sagen.Keine children means children. If she had an abortion then no children and had never Kinder.Ich am sure that your “friend” he is so lily white pass judgment on this woman. “Let who is without sin cast the first stone”. Jesus Christ

I don’t understand this about the Christian view on gay adoption?

Posted in Child Care on 17th September 2012

I don’t understand this about the Christian view on gay adoption?
Ok in the question I asked about why Conservative Christians oppose gay adoption when it could help prevent abortions by creating more families to take unwanted children, this is one of the responses:

“gay couples adopting. – It’s about signing on to the whole gay agenda thing where one of the major goals seems to be making homosexual and lesbian relationships accepted as “just another normal lifestyle choice”. Supporting adoption of children by gay couples is another step in this process and Christians don’t want to be a part of telling people that a behavior the Bible says will disqualify a person from being with God when they leave this earth is OK and should be approved of and made equivalent to marriage.

It’s not “hating gays” to want them to be with you when you get to Heaven. Hating gays would be telling them “Oh yeah. Everything is fine. Go ahead and do what you want to. God doesn’t care,” when they know that the Bible says otherwise.”

How can they say they don’t hate gays when they describe as abnormal like that? When they deprive them of living their life to the same richness as everyone else? Anti-gay Christians why can’t you just own up to the fact that it’s hate?

Best answer(s):

Answer by FROG E
Homosexual sex is a sin against God.
God established marriage between a man and a woman….it is symbolic of His relationship with us…Just because I love God does not mean that I hate gays.

Answer by izzy
I’m Christian and I fully support gay adoption. If a baby can go to a loving home instead of being aborted, why not? Gay people are just as capable of loving and caring for a child as anyone else. A lot of Christians are the most hateful, judgmental people I’ve ever met.

Answer by Alton S
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Homosexuality is an abomination , Homosexuals are going to hell , they have been warned by God Almighty . Drunkards, Adulterers,Liars are also going to hell. ROMANS 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Homosexuality is a one of the worst sins possible in my opinion. AS far as Abortions go they shouldn’t even be an option , Killing a baby is straight out of Hell. I don’t understand how anyone could kill a Baby. A souless , Heartless person is the only one that could.

Answer by Kathy
Oh brother. These people must be prejudice against blacks and jews to, they are not who “they ” think other people should be. I am a gay mother. I have raised my daughter into a beautiful loving and talented trumpet player. She gives back to her community and has gone to church most of her life. She does not “hate” or dispise or treat others badly because they are different from her or sees things different than she does.
I know of sooo many heterosexuals who have done ALOT of VERY BAD things and have abused their own children and have been adulters and theifs and, ect ect. what is the difference? There are just as many “bad” hetero’s as there are homosexuals.
I get so tired of people acting as God and telling others what they are doing wrong. That is a person’s choice and they deal with God on their own. BUT God doesn’t judge and if these people are so christian and religous why are THEY juding anyone!

Child Care Madison Christian Facility

Posted in Child Care on 8th November 2011

Child Care Madison Christian Facility

Child care Madison is a Christian facility which provides excellent childcare options for infant through 12 years old. The beautiful facility is complete with access to a full-size gymnasium and a safely enclosed outdoor play yard. The brightly painted classrooms are filled with caring staff who are knowledgeable experts in the childcare field.

Child care Madison offers a beautiful Christian facility for infants through pre-teen children. The entire administration and staff are children friendly adults with kind and conscientious behavior which is so necessary for interacting with children on a daily basis. The beautifully designed facility is full of brightly painted classrooms and includes interactive play time that stimulates cognitive skills in young children. Day care Madison WI is designed to meet the needs of both the parents and children; parents and children appreciate the atmosphere of joy and energy which is released by the caring faculty and staff on a daily basis.

Child care Madison provides early education which is critical for proper development in a child’s life. Interaction between the staff and children is experienced continually throughout each day. Each child receives eye contact, social interaction, and necessary care such as healthy meals and snacks. Maturity and development are a natural byproduct of nurturing care. Day care Madison WI provides care for babies and preschool children as well as school age children up to the age of 12 through their stimulating and active before and after school care and summer camp programs.

Excellent care is provided by Christian leaders who lead by example. Christian character is an important element which is incorporated throughout the curriculum and in daily activities. The 1200 ft.² facility is filled with every amenity available for stimulating children academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The kitchen facility provides nutritional and delicious meals including breakfast, lunch and snacks. There are two full-service kitchens which focuse on providing nutritional and tasty foods which children love. Parents appreciate the fact that they do not have to hurry in the morning to prepare breakfast and lunch but can trust and rely on the delicious meals prepared on site.

Additional facility amenities include a much loved, safely enclosed outdoor playground as well as a rooftop soccer field and access to a spacious gymnasium. Every detail is considered for safety purposes including a fingerprint access code entry system which gives parents and staff peace of mind concerning the safety of each child. Reserved parking spaces are also provided for parents which allows for convenient and easy drop off and pick up of their child or children. Families love the caring atmosphere at child care Madison and appreciate the many programs available for child care options including before and after school care. Students are given adequate time after