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Am I charging too much for my baby-sitting service?

Posted in Babysitting on 19th November 2010

question by Jenna T : Am I too much for my baby-sitting service fees
I am a 21 year old “stay at home mom,” I love children and I live right across from the grade school in a very small town. There is absolutely no daycare or after school programs for our city and I thought it would be a good idea to start with his “babysitting” services. Now I know all the rules and regulations, and I never go over the amount of children I allowed without a license Clock. In any case, the average cost of child care for home care for young children in our region over $ 112.00 per week for preschool children $ 93.00 per week for school age children $ 81.00 per week. Now that I have no license I do not expect parents to pay that price …. and my prices are as follows … small children-85, 00 per WocheVorschüler-75, 00 weeks per school age $ 50.00 per week in any event, here is my problem …. I have a mother who called me last minute one morning, I had never watched before her child, but she was desperate and asked if I could watch 8 months old this morning. I said yes, and when I told her the price she freaked out! She said that it is only for about 5 hours. At least, to help her out I said I would see her daughter for only $ 10.00 that day. Everything went well, and about a month later she was asked if I could start to keep their daughter every Tuesday and Friday for 10 hours a day. I said I would and I took it would realize that there will be a price increase for a 10-hour day vs. a 5-hour day. Then we can top it off, she asked if I think their other two daughters were out of school, the age of 5 and 7, I told her yes, and offered her a discount for the girls because she has 3 children in my care. I took the older two children for 1 / 2 off-so I watch it for only $ 5.00 a piece (even if it is only 2:30 to 5:30) But anyway, if they get to their children on Friday she was paid me, and I left when they counted the money and found that they only paid me $ 10.00 for the reputation of the baby! Now this baby is a big baby and everything, but I had already given a discount on their older daughters. Am I wrong in her shop 17.00 per day for the baby if it is a 10-hour day? Or am I charging too much as I do not licensed? I do not want to lose their business, but it’s worth seeing a baby all day if I have a 1 and a half year old at home already … have for only $ 10.00 per day for a 10-hour day? Any input is greatly appreciated …. Thanks Best Answer:

reply hartandsoul85
I personally think that your prices are too low. I would drop charge at least $ 100 per week for infants and the prices are from there. the mother, you have the example of taking advantage of it sounds like you. there is no way that is $ 10 a day for watching a baby fair.

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