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How nature has changed the economy of the country sine the mid-20th Century?

Posted in Child Care on 26th May 2013

how nature has changed the economy of the country sine the mid-20th Century?
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Reply Mr_E
Unlawful Entry is a crime. Zero tolerance for violating immigration law! No amnesty, no “stealth amnesty.” No “change of status” marriage fraud “toleration”, not a “Temporary Protected Status.” If you break the law, leave or be deported. Illegal aliens kill more U.S. citizens each year than the war in Iraq has killed in four years. Apologists for illegal immigration like to paint it as a victimless crime. But in fact, illegal immigration causes substantial harm to American citizens and legal immigrants, particularly in the most vulnerable sectors of our population – the poor, minorities and children. Additionally, job competition by waves of illegal immigrants presses are willing to work at substandard wages and working conditions, wages of American workers, hitting hardest at minority workers and those without high school degrees. Illegal immigration also contributes to the dramatic population growth overwhelming communities across America – crowding school classrooms, consuming already limited affordable housing, and straining precious natural resources like water, energy and forests. Taxpayers are forced to pay given to illegal immigrants for the free health care, education and other social programs; Those tax dollars could be given back to U.S. taxpayers or be used to secure our borders, they may be here illegally, but they sure know how to “work the system” to “free” medical care, “free” education, “free” food, Section 8 housing to collect coupons and other housing assistance, and hundreds of other social services. It costs citizens additional hundreds of billions of tax dollars at all levels: local, state and federal level. It costs billions of our donations. And much of this money ends up in our economy and diverted into offshore accounts. Illegal aliens, over half of them work “under the table”, which still reported (yet taxed) no job, are not counted as employed or unemployed. But some of those day-labor and off-the-books “job-can” occur “real” jobs – available to American citizen job-seekers – if employment regulations were enforced. Illegal aliens can do away with tax evasion, et al., The citizens. In short, we have too many entrants and created too few jobs. The ratio works for about 7-10 entrants per job created. If all illegal aliens are deported or left, stop all legal immigration and temporary employment visas abolished all, we have created a problem with the USA born new entrants as new jobs. Illegal immigration damages our country and our citizens every day at all levels. And not even the attacks of 26.2 and 11.9 have many Americans to the great dangers of illegal immigration is ourselves, our families, our communities, our society, our values, our principles, our civilization aroused. Zero Tolerance for Immigration Law Violators! We must not forget the lessons of 2/26, 9/11, and the costs we bear every single day. God Bless the U S A!

Custody laws are changed to equal the fathers, it’s crazy for a guy to procreate. Agree?

Posted in Working Mothers on 14th December 2012

be changed until Custody laws equally to fathers, it’s crazy for a guy to procreate. Agree?
Yes, this is the “best interests of the child” standard of how things should work, but in reality it is the “best interests of the mother,” if you go to court Best Answer (s):.

response from perfect velvet
There would be no need for the custody laws and for no apparent inequality stop if people would be having unprotected sex without a committed relationship. My husband always says, “The worst mistake you can make is to a child with the wrong person.”

When did the term “prostitution” get changed to “child support”?

Posted in Child Support on 10th December 2010

When did the term “prostitution” get changed to “child support”?
Are there still normal non-psychotics out there that think that child support actually goes to the support of the child?

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Answer by Max
Newly divorced?

Answer by MommyMariah
It goes to help with rent, groceries, electric bills, car insurance etc… your child needs that. No a lot of the time it is not for new clothes,toys etc… You must be newly separated

Answer by bubblehead
Your question doesn’t really make any sense

maybe if you had said you paid a lady for sex and now she is pregnant and she wants you to pay child support

but what you said doesn’t add up

Answer by baby2007
My husband pays $ 800 child support per month for ONE child.
Does a baby needs that much???
Of course not. DCSE won’t tell you, but the rest is actually an alimony (and you pay it whether you were married or not).

Answer by Mr. G
There are many costs that go into running a household. These costs are the things paid for by child support. You are probably upset because the mother of your children benefits from some of these costs being borne by you as well (rent, utilities, groceries, etc). Child support is not just for toys, clothes, etc, for the child. Let me ask you a question…will your child support go up during the months that your child gets sick and there are extra expenses for such things as doctor visits or prescription drugs? Do you split the cost of Christmas gifts 50/50?

As the step father of three children, I do not see what biological fathers complain about with child support. Personally, I can’t count how much more I pay than their biological father pays for them. I do this very willingly, and they are not biologically mine.

Answer by Tania W
Obviously you are dealing with some personal issues at the moment. Your anger is very clear.
Child support is for the child and the raising of the child. There are school fees, books, nappies,food, rent,gas,electric,etc…
There are toys,clothes,doctors,dentist,medications..etc etc etc…
Unfortunatly not all parents spend child support just on their children..
It does tend to even out in the wash though…
I get child support but we have an agreement, he pays school fees,uniforms,books etc and no monthly sum. It works out better for me and also better for him. He knows where his money is going and i dont have to think about those bills.
I dont need the monthly payment as i work and i dont drink alcohole or smoke or take drugs.
If the kids need something like shoes, clothes, toys etc we go halves.

Answer by Mel
I think that it depends on the parent… when I was younger, none of the child support that my dad paid went to me… I have no idea where it went because we still didn’t have anything and my dad was giving my mom hundreds of dollars a month. And I’ve seen some mom’s going to get their nails done with it. But I’ve seen so many more mothers using it to buy groceries, clothing, pay utility bills and I have a friend that has been all of the child support money for her two boys in bank accounts for when they go to college. I very strongly support child support because raising a child is expensive. If you are worried about where your money is going, you can get it mandated through the court that a record has to be kept, or you can get it to where you buy their clothes and groceries in the amount that you would’ve paid in child support every month.

Answer by LittleMermaid
Let me guess, you wife just divorced you or you just found out you have a kid to support?????

Child support does go to support the kid.

Clothes, shoes, and half of anything else the kid uses.

Answer by TwoCentSage
By prostitution you are referring to the fact that you paid for sex.?? And your openly complaining??
Well the resulting child is now in need of support.
If the moneys do NOT reach the child and you have asked for a court mandate that lists basic expenses and eventually report cards and etc,then child protective services should be called. Your child will be in dire need of becoming a Ward of the State you live in( I sure hope it is not mine!!).. since my taxes are already high enough not to need to deal with yet another dead -beat dad,illegal partner in Prostitution or not.Jail is your new home soon you can count on that! Baby’s are innocent regardless of how they were conceived. Think about that while your hatred boils.In jail.
I do hope you come to terms with the fatherly facts of life and …pay up!

Answer by Million C
If in fact the custodial parent is responsible the money provided for child support will be applied appropriately…believe it or not most single moms need help with the rent, gas, child care, food and the utilities. Kids may be small people but they have needs also and wants that often parents try to satisfy as well. In order to keep kids out of the system voluntary child support is needed and appreciated by the responsible custodial parent.