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how can i change a pitbulls reputation?

Posted in Toddlers on 23rd March 2014

how can i change a pitbulls reputation?
plz i have a pitbull and everyone thinks hes hes really not hes the nicest dog u could ever see
my dog has been around many children and she is very well trained i didnt like the thought at first and then i took her on walks and there would be babys in strololers and she doesnt even look at them as far shes concerned they arent that exciting
botsikas its not funny this is a real problem not only my pitbull but for every pitbulls

Best answer(s):

Answer by Irish Amber
You can’t. You may be able to convince people that YOUR pitbull is the nicest dog but pitbulls have a bad reputation. Right or wrong, that’s the way it is.

Answer by LawProf
You must be kind to your dog and never be mean to him so that he does not become aggressive to other people. You can join various pit bull owners groups and participate in their efforts to improve the perception of pit bulls.

Answer by igotalltheanswers
I have seen gangs where I live out on the streets with these dogs, can’t change my opinion. There are also several high profile news stories of children being killed by pitbulls.
Whilst I realise that you may have trained your pitbull well, there are enough people out there who haven’t.

Answer by Lawyer X
You know?–I never seem to read a headline saying: “Cocker spaniel mauls toddler.” While they are fine as pets most of the time, if they do attack–as many breeds might–their inbred tendencies and powerful jaws and other physical characteristics make them dangerous. I don’t think they should be allowed as household pets.

So, I believe the pitbull’s reputation is deserved.

Answer by T.P M.O.O.N
Raise the dog right – it’s the only way to assure good behavior , but you will never change the narrow minded opinions of the robots that believe all the media hype regarding the breed or the bigoted minds that would rather see the animals extinct than except their exceptional qualities. You can’t go wrong with your dog & you will never receive the loyalty you get from him from any other kind of canine.

Answer by kat
your dog might be nice but I wouldn’t trust them around any small child as it is known that these animals can snap in a second there has been Many reports of this happening.Even in our small town this has happened.These dogs where bred to be aggressive and they have that gene in them,just as we have our parents genes.So don’t be fooled by him.Now Im not saying that yours will do this all Im saying is don’t take a chance when it comes to other people lives.

Answer by Zao
If your dog is trained well he is one of the best dogs to have! I just googled to see pictures of pit bulls for two people told me my mutt dog was part pit, and there was one picture of a dog that looked like her mom and it was full pit bull! I did not know. Pit and mini-pincher!

But my dog is sweet and smart. You have to spend alot of time training and montoring them and by age two years they are one wonderful dog. They are so full of energy and they pay attention to everything. when meeting people I am right there training her and talking to her.

My dog is on a rope, for we cannot fence the yard, so she gets wrapped around trees, and all I have to do now it tell her to “go around” and she will unwind herself! Amazing dog!

but you can’t change people…. they are stuck. Pit bulls are now the most abandoned dog around for they are so much energy…mix that with the energetic mini-pin and wow you have my dog!

Answer by Botsakis G
Why don’t you put some lipstick on your pitbull?. That would give it a high reputation. Your pitbull can even be Vice President someday.

Just joking…. 🙂

Do Insurance Quotes Change?

Posted in Working Mothers on 1st July 2012

Do Insurance Quotes Change?

When you get a quote for homeowners insurance NJ residents can purchase, one of the first things that you will probably want to know is if that quote can ever change. This is a good question since you will be agreeing when you buy a policy, to pay for a long time. You do not want to start paying for something that is going to cost a lot less in a week. You want to get the best deal that is possible for the long term as well as the short term.

The truth is that these quotes can and will change. They are never fully stable, never at a static amount that will not be different. You want to work as hard as you can to get a low quote so that you are not paying too much, but you should be aware that you might be paying more than other people will be paying in the near future. There are many different reasons that these quotes will move.

One reason that a quote for homeowners insurance NJ companies can provide will change is that the price of your home and your property can change.

The cost of land tends to go up and down with regularity. At this time, houses cost much less than they did ten and twenty years ago. The trends suggest that they are moving back in the other direction, however, growing more expensive, the more that a home costs, the more that it will cost to insure it. You cannot do anything about these market trends, so this is not something that you can change or avoid.

Another reason that the quote can change is because of things that you do to the house. If you put up a wrought iron fence and install a security system, you will get a much lower quote. If you construct more buildings on your property, you will get a higher quote. It is important that you mention these changes to your provider so that they can give you a plan that costs as much as it should. You can often have your plan changed even if you have signed on for a different amount before you installed the security system.

Inflation is another reason that a quote for homeowners insurance NJ residents can purchase may go up or down. Inflation causes everything to cost more, and insurance prices are not immune to this. As things generally become more expensive, the price that you pay will go up as well. This has a lot to do with each dollar being worth a little less, and it has to do with the fact that your home would cost more.

How many people in Idaho, are having issues with child support?Lets all get together and change things!emailme

Posted in Child Support on 21st June 2012

How many people in Idaho, are having issues with child support?Lets all get together and change things!emailme
Recently I was told be a child support official “Well it looks like he has learned to play the “game”. Once they figure out the game and how its played, your stuck for getting child support” I find this to be grossly unjust! The laws in Idaho give more slack to dead beats then help for the child. At 8 an hour your not eligible for state assistance. Now we pay a yearly fee to you a manditory child support system, and you cant get a straigh answer from them. A few years ago the non-custodial parents insisted on joint legal custody, so they can be involved in life decisions. If I stop buying food, clothes and paying for day care, Ill be put in jail for child neglect/abuse. If the non-custodial parents want joint legal custody then they should share the same punishment for failing to provide. If we all get together, write our senators, and meet once every three months at the court house. WE CAN CHANGE THINGS! lets stop waiting for someone else to fight for us, the time is now.

Best answer(s):

Answer by cutemamma330
mmh i lived in Idaho for a while… strange place… and the reason why you don’t qualify for assistance bc the cost of living there is soooo low. =)
I hope all works out for you!

Answer by freakboynv2000
one way to “change” things is to make the support laws reasonable. 24% of gross is way to high for most people to absorb. now if you make the support like 12% you would have more compliance because the burden is not so overwhelming.

Answer by Akida
I have had the same ex was ordered $ 292 for 2 kids…I did get a check for $ 1.59 ,,,LOL…My ex had 5 other Kids, before we had our 2 and I have heard he has had 2 more. He just gets away with no support by making up SS#s and working under the table. He moved to washington so I went there after him,,found his number in the phone book,,went to his house spokae with him,,wrote down license plates number,his address and phone number and gave it to the child support services,,THEY STILL COULDNT FIND HIM>..LOL…Idaho and washinton, and prehaps other states,,dont try hard enough….
Im not waiting for anyone to fight for me,,,I dont care anymore,,Ill support my own kids,,,Its harder, but the way it is.