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Will we have to pay “back child support” if the father’s name isn’t on the child’s birth certificate?

Posted in Child Support on 7th December 2010

Will we have to pay “back child support” if the father’s name isn’t on the child’s birth certificate?
My husband is currently in the process of taking his daughter’s mom to court. His name isn’t on her birth certificate, but he has to “establish paternity” in order to have any rights to her. Her mom doesn’t want him to be involved because he wants nothing to do with her mom. We have tried to establish a relationship for my step-daughter with her mother, but she just wants us to have her when it’s convenient for her–when she needs a baby sitter. He always tries to help her out and call to speak with her on a regular basis. Her mom always says, “we don’t need you.” And hang up the phone. At first, i was kinda skeptical about their “relationship” but after this has been going on nonstop for over 2 years, I truly think there is something wrong with the mother.

The basic question is just “can you get back child support when the father’s name isn’t on the birth certificate.” He’s taking the mother to court to get rights to his daughter so that he will be able to care for her without dealing with her mom. We have receipts from almost 2 years now that we have saved up to prove that he takes care of her. Her mom is basically jealous of our relationship– we have a 6 month old together, we’ve been married for 2 years now, we have a beautiful home, cars. She still wants to be “young” so she goes out all the time, and has no money, car, and lives between her parents. It breaks our hearts to see our daughter going through that. The situation is unfortunate, (the usual baby mama drama) but we just want it to stop for our daughter’s sake.

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Answer by saved_by_grace
No. Once paternity is established then the child support will start.

Answer by Precious Gem
Here is a thought. Take the mother back to court and sue for full
custody and get child support from her. If the child support wasn’t
court ordered then no I don’t think you owe for back child support.
Speak with a lawyer that specializes in these matters.