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what cereals have your children eat?

Posted in Toddlers on 22nd November 2012

what have your children eat cereal?
I need more healthy cereal options. we have with whole grain whole so long and his! always kindof disgusting and boring 🙂 We healthier cereals like cheerios and rice krispies and life and things prefer, but we do not have it would also taste great we need more options and all responses are welcome Best Answer (s):

response from Bella
We want Honey Nut Cheerios and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Yum! But I have a secret passion for Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries.

answer by Emily E
My kids love the multi-grain cheerios, raisin brand and their favorite is frosted mini wheats!

answer of a good life My son
favorites are chex (any variety), cheerios, life, crispex and honey grahams. He absolutely loves cinnamon toast crunch, but we must do it in moderation, because of all the sugar!

response from ρrοud Laτiηο / russiaη =)
My daughter loves cheerios, while the others like frosted flakes, recces pieces, etc.

answer by Jillian
Cheerios, Chex, Raisin Bran and sometimes Fruit Loops and Kix. My husband eats a lot of cereal and he likes the healthy way we get granola cereal.

response of laid back
try fruit picking its a bran flak with fruit in it that I like about it is tht its heathly and has a zipper and yummy Zang it

answer by Tess
My children are used to Raisin Bran (loved it) eat until I found out it was the worst thing to eat a grain of sugar. This is my attitude changed on cereals, where the article said, eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch was actually better for you. Two of my children eat instant oatmeal is (variety pack) every day. all my children like Chex (especially rice and corn). Bite-size Frosted Mini Wheats in all flavors are another favorite and so are Honey Bunches of Oats. Hope I helped!

response from G8RMommy, TTC
Our favorite is Honey Nut Chex late.

response of D, The Writer you have all kinds of good answers for what cereal .. but if you add to the flavor or make breakfast interesting try mixing cereal or adding fresh fruit to them want. One of my sons is mixed with honey grams wheaties. I thought it was strange, but I tried it and like it. I usually cut up bananas or strawberries add to cereal. It is a healthy way to get something sweet to add to it. It is best to either get the fruits when they are in season for the best flavor or get them frozen and thawed it. Sometimes my kids are doing well. Another son of mine will add applesauce to his cereal … I try, but it’s okay to let them explore their options. You can cinimon. And do not judge. A cereal for healthy by what it says How it made this cereal with oatmeal that I realized is worse than Captain Crunch go as far as sugar and calories … Read the labels are not enough .. look portion sizes. Companies are becoming more sneaky about it.

response from Coltens Mama
He eats the “hot cereal” the oatmeal with fruit and cream in it. He loves Zeug.Er will also eat Corn Pops and Honey Nut Cheerios.