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can you still test for celiac disease if a person is on a gluten free diet?

Posted in Working Mothers on 25th November 2010

can you still test for celiac disease if a person is on a gluten free diet?
my step children are on a gluten free diet, their mother “self diagnosed” them four years ago and their father is tired of these children being deprived of every-day foods. their mother said testing would no longer work on them since they are already on a gluten free diet. i need to know if that is true and if there is anything their father can do about it.

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Answer by celiac
Comments on your concerns:
1-Gluten free diet is a very healthy diet and much better then junk food around which creates obesity and many health problems before even they become adults
2-Genetic test is available whether or not you are on gf diet…

Answer by sailor
The blood tests and endoscopic exam would be a waste of time since they both need the person to have celiac disease and consistent exposure to gluten so that the body can develop antibodies in the blood and the intestines to be damaged so the endoscopic exam can pick that up.

So if the tests were given today, they would show negative for celiac disease since they either don’t have it or they have celiac disease but no gluten exposure.

The best that could be done at this point is to get them genetically tested to see if they have the genes to develop celiac disease.