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Supernatural: How come Dean and Sam did not bother to Bobby and Castiel’s death?

Posted in Babysitting on 29th May 2013

Supernatural: How come Dean and Sam did not bother to Bobby and Castiel’s death ?
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answer by Katrina Erikson
I think Sam and Dean are very pleased disturbed by the death of Bobby and Castiel – especially Dean. Maybe they just do not express how you would – but they would put it as their characters. Sam fights to keep Lucifer. Especially in the door of death 7:10 – you can use it in various scenes squeezed his hand indicating that he struggling to realize to see the reality of this world. Dean tends to drink and revenge. That’s why they have to stop with Frank Dick novel and focus on how to him. While Sam and Dean do what they can to fight the monster of the week – we always see them, is to get information about Dick Roman in contact with Frank trying. (Unfortunately, all they have is “about Dick Dick” as Sam says.) In episode 7:11 “Adventures in Babysitting” – you see how Sam and Dean are excited about Bobby’s death. For the first week they have to do nothing and then they are always focused on Dick novel and find out what the numbers bedeuten.Ich think, because they feel betrayed by Castiel they are not so obvious in their grief. There is nothing to seek revenge because Castiel basically brought it on themselves. But there were a few hints on how to bark Dean Castiel is about the betrayal. We will probably see more if Misha Collins is coming back.