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Cash jobs for child support?

Posted in Child Support on 10th May 2011

Cash jobs for child support?
How many people are the obligee “The one that get’s the child support” and the ex keeps trying to lower it without having a paycheck, they only work for cash? What’s your story

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Answer by Dr S
does the ex work in a strawberry field?

Answer by no_telling2003
My ex and I did it his way. We got one lawyer and amicably agreed to terms or disagreed to terms depending what they were. It took us about five months or so to iron out the final decree. She had a daughter by a previous marriage, and we had a three year old daughter. She allowed me to raise our daughter as a single dad(to change if she ever felt unsatisfied by my efforts), neither party had any obligation to pay support. I carried the medical/dental insurances. She agreed to help monthly when she could, and I think over the 15 years or so, amounted to about $ 5,000, and a used car worth $ 2000 when mine was ill. I sent my daughter to private school the whole time, which her mom appreciated much. All the while, her mom and I remained friends.
Now, our daughter is a junior in college(scholarship), and mom’s taking her turn paying her rent and assorted monies, and I help with the peripheral expenses that arise.
All in all, the three of us as we look back are still great friends., and we are granted an opportunity at no ill will, and our daughter thanks both of us very often!!!

Answer by JadeyOz
I’m 1 of these people , , my 1st husband lied constantly about his weekly income through out our entire marriage , then continued to do so after our divorce , for 7 years he was supposed to pay me 687 dollars a month , but because he had such a temper I allowed him to pay anything from 50 dollars a week to 80 dollars a fortnight (every 2 week period) for our 3 children.

He was on 50,000 a year up until last sept (so he claims) he now says he is only on 38,000 , he is a diesel technician / mechanic .He only has 1 of our 3 to pay for now and he hasnt payed since july.I pay for everything on my minimal wage while supporting her and 2 other children.

Answer by Colleen O
My “story” is that if I had proof my ex was working “Under the table” I’d be at the IRS with that proof. That way I would be assured of getting the right amount of child support, because the Government would be in the middle of him and any income and my children would get their’s off the top…