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Brief History and Review on the Ba Bjorn Carrier Styles

Posted in Babysitting on 23rd June 2011

Brief History and Review on the Ba Bjorn Carrier Styles

Article by Darren C

I have met many women with newborn babies who always have a hard time juggling both the baby and anything else they may be trying to carry. I have been looking into the idea of the Baby Bjorn Carrier and I find that they are quite practical. I think that it is an item that no new mother should live without.

It all started with a man named Bjorn Jakobson. He used to baby-sit his brother’s children. He came up with a way to simplify some of their problems with the baby. He had gone to the United States for work and saw a babysitter with a device that had not been released in Sweden. He took one home and tried it out on his youngest nephew and they loved it.

He started his own business after that with his sister-in-law, Elsa. He found someone who could bend the metal he needed and with that his business was up and running. He called his product “The Babysitter”. Together they took The Babysitter to department stores but it was not a big success. They finally got doctors opinions and they all had positive feedback. From there, his business took off and the rest is history.

The Original Spirit BabyBjorn baby carrier is probably the most popular item. It has been thirty five years since its first success so they are celebrating with eight bright new colors.

The Original BabyBjorn is very good for the baby’s back. It also is nice because it keeps the baby very close to you but still you are able to freely move your arms.

The Air BabyBjorn baby carrier is also very convenient because it is made up of mesh material. This is great if you are walking outside on a beautiful day. It will help your baby’s skin breathe. The wind can get through and cool your baby off.

The Synergy BabyBjorn is also of a breathable, mesh material but it is also lightweight which gives more support for your shoulders and back. This means that you will be able to hold your baby longer.

The Active BabyBjorn baby carrier is a little different then the others. It is specifically designed for older babies who are heavier. It is also different because with the other carriers the baby is facing your front and with the active the baby is facing out. When the baby gets a little bigger, you can fold the neck under and give the baby more room.

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Mei Tai carrier for 4 month old ?

Posted in Toddlers on 24th November 2010

Mei Tai carrier for 4 month old ?
I have a mei tai carrier and was able to use it when my baby was younger but now either carry offered in the instruction book does not work. The newborn “froggy” style with her legs tucked in doesn’t work because her feet end up at her head and the “toddler” carry doesn’t work because her crotch isn’t wide enough and the seat part ends up cutting up her legs and cutting off the circulation. Any ideas for ways to use it for a 4 month old, she is about 13 pounds?

Best answer(s):

Answer by mommy-0
I used my mei tai carrier almost since birth. Their are alot of great videos on You tube. just put in mei tai in the search. Or google Mei tai wearing instructions. I liked my daughter on the front at that age, she is six months now, and i wear her on my back. THese videos are very helpful. Lots of ways to wear it, so do check a few sites. Good luck

Answer by silly nilly
i read about those yesterday and the instructions i read suggested it’s use in a 6 month or older. have you looked into the slings? i am planning on making some next week for my coming baby, they are pretty easy to make if you are even at beginner level on a sewing machine. i found the patterns for the ones i am making at