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How many children die in the U.S. before we nationalize health care?

Posted in Child Care on 28th January 2014

How many children die in the U.S. before we nationalize health care?
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Reply marianddoc
is the right question: “How many conservatives we need to remove from the pockets of the health and insurance lobbies before universal health care?” Unfortunately, there it in America today, lobbyists, money trumps dead children.

What about the adults answer? If only children have nationalized health care, the U.S. has to make in a country of only children? Be fair.

Satan prosecutor
All of them.


Do you think universal free health care is no effect on physician and pharmacist salaries?

Posted in Child Care on 3rd December 2013

you think universal free health care is no effect on physician and pharmacist salaries?
Do you think that free or highly subsidized universal health care can would make no impact on the compensation a doctor or a pharmacist Best Answer (s):

someone answer
the doctor yes, because they are paid less and therefore less verdienen.Apotheker is the same decrease in the content of experience both see an increase in their Medical Malpractice Insurance

Answer by Rick B
Of course it would. What. Stupid question.

Reply lipscandotrix
Absolutely! We have MD coming straight out of medical school “required” $ 80-90 dollars for an office call while the older, more established. not to mention more experienced MD asking $ 40-50. Ridiculous! General health care can also Wille.

Answer by Simpson G
Who would always be “free” health care that does not already get it? The Obama health care plan is essentially a plan to clean up health and insurance coverage commission for every man, woman and child in the United States. It is not “universal free health care.” Who spits garbage in this sense, listening to Fox “news” to viel.Stark subsidized health care would choose only to doctors who be a part of this program. You do not need to be a part of the “system” if you do not want to be. Since this is not in the U.S., is also the case, it’s a bit fraglich.Ich assume that you are. About health care reform that passed in conversation The only way they are going to pay is lobbying for health care providers, whether it is an increased administrative burden (upgrade computer systems, compliance with HIPAA) or when insurance reimbursement is reduced drastically. Doctors are already seeing accept the Medicare some problems due to a change in the reimbursement and coding, especially consults with. So some doctors are deciding new Medicare patients no longer akzeptieren.Ich simply do not know why people who do not understand what the health care bill is, and that are not in the medical field would even bother to answer, and like idiots.

look Reply SDeck
, what health is really affecting the employment, the employer less employees want when they are forced to pay higher coverage. That is, where is, really will impact on the economy, and will be more incentive to give to higher overseas for growth.

Answer by Diane A
do not know what the health care bill passes understanding. Health is not free (it’s actually more “free now”), but it requires health insurance, so people have recourse to pay their bills, as opposed to now those who do not pay, supply will always be free essentially . Reimbursement for more care should improve revenue. Pharmacists will not be affected, given medication is far from direct care.

Why is our current health care system wasted on the rich?

Posted in Child Care on 20th November 2013

Why is our current health care system for the rich? wasted
Concierge medical care guarantees success and the best treatment almost like a vacation. These guys hospital as the Marriott Hotel. Some of these treatments include cruise ships and longer treatments. If we taxed the rich, then they would have TO THE hospital like any other gehen.http :/ / Best Answer (s):

response from Malkin
lol. do you think the rich are not taxed now?

response of early
the rich taxed? This current proposal is to cut health care benefits for Tri-our military and their families. I’m far from rich, and Obama and his thugs seem to think they have the right to health care, we cut fuvking deserves.

answer by Bev
the rich, or at least 5% of them pay 70% of taxes show. How much more should they pay?

Reply sadcryingclowninironlung
is this a joke? obviously rich people can afford as they perform better than people without so much money to. the same goes for everything, not just health care.

Reply by Brian CK
I’m not rich, but my insurance is awesome!

answer by Kate
Who cares about the rich? Why taxes ANYONE let alone the rich who just have a better job than the rest of us … If this happens, want to know to be a doctor … poor people who will care for us?

reply by phil
like a thief

answer by Freedom Wins III sound
What makes you think You would get better treatment with 0bamacare?

response from printing our way to prosperity
Maybe you should make something out of your miserable life, and you would be much anders.Wie many billions we have on drug addicts, criminals and low waste of lives per year -. Medical waste money on wasted earth

Reply joejack
Maybe we should go down there and force them to go to the regular hospital. Who they think they are? We round Obama. Who does he think he is?