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The method for calculating Child Support in the state of California.

Posted in Child Support on 3rd August 2011

The method for calculating Child Support in the state of California.

Article by Matthew Collier

The only circumstances that justify a court’s increasing child support are when the children’s needs become greater and the parent’s income has gone up, as compared to the time of the original child support judgment. The court must not be convinced if the moving party fail to allege and sustain facts which show a change in circumstances to be substantial.After filing a petition, if a meaningful difference in circumstances is demonstrated, then support payments can be adjusted beginning on the petition’s date. Perhaps the individual responsible for the support payments has received a significant salary increase, for instance. In this case, the person receiving support might qualify for an increase.Conversely, should the person who pays support have had a cut in pay, then the court might just decrease the money owed for support.The court has the jurisdiction to change a decree regarding child support payments. However, it can only do this if the circumstances and conditions of the parties involved have changed materially since the time that the divorce decree was entered. In this case, the matter concerns how to define a relevant modification of situation. This determination is not an objective one and it resides strongly with the legal system.A person receiving child support payments will often try to get them increased without any justification A minimal increase in salary or bonus is not a relevant difference. Also when one takes into consideration the lawyer and court fees to make the difference, it does not seem worth it In order for the recipient to experience greater income, the conditions must change significantly.You should learn about your right to child support, and the best way to do that is using our Child Support Calculator.For a professionally done California Child Support Calculation go to Get exact child suport payments by email in hours.A Method for Determining Child Support Amounts in California

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calculations For Calculating Your TX Child Support

Posted in Child Support on 14th June 2011

calculations For Calculating Your TX Child Support

Texas includes a pretty standard formula for calculating how much child support the non-custodial parent will pay. In some states it’s a complex formula, but Texas is true to its no nonsense reputation basing its formula on the number of children in the family.

Child Support Formula

For one kid count on paying 20% of your earnings

For two kids child support is going to be 25% For three kids the support amount is 30%

For four children you’ll pay 35% Five children will receive 40% of your income as support.

These are the standard guidelines plus they apply for the initial 00 of a paying parents income. . If you have more than 5 children a legal court will use its discretion on how much you need to pay, but it won’t be less than 40%. In case your children are split among several mother the judge also offers leeway to order you to pay more since the living expenses like housing and cars are dispersed out over several household. In that situation it is more costly for two children in more than one separate houses than for 2 children who’re living in the same home.

If all of your youngsters are disabled or have particular circumstances your support could be more. Special circumstances can include anything from medical needs to special talents like being an Olympic hopeful or anything else which has special costs associated with it.

Judicial Authority

Lastly, in case your children were familiar with a certain lifestyle because of your income the judge has discretion to award more support. For example if your little one was associated with horses they might not be required to stop this hobby just since you are no longer living with them.

The judges always attempt to decide what is the best interests from the child. They try to disturb their innocent lives as little as they possibly can.

A lot of non-custodial parents complain concerning the fairness of child support. They would like to control the way the mother spends it. The court’s do not be unfair to the parents and can consider their special circumstances, but the parents aren’t the court’s primary concern, the children are.

And Texas is tough. It actually locks parents up because of not paying their child support unlike most states. However, it’s limited in its ability to collect from deadbeats who won’t pay. If they really won’t pay you will need to take more severe actions probably obtaining a private child support collection agency to assist you.

Guide to Calculating Child Support in Rhode Island (RI) Is There a Minimum Amount?

Posted in Child Support on 18th March 2011

Guide to Calculating Child Support in Rhode Island (RI) Is There a Minimum Amount?

How is Rhode Island  (RI) Child Support determined in divorce cases, paternity cases, child support cases and child visitation cases?

In most cases, child support is determined by the “Rhode Island  Family Court Child Support Formula and Guidelines”. In the vast majority of child support cases in Rhode Island,  the minimum Rhode Island child support guideline amount is used to determine child support.

However,  a parent has the right to seek more then the minimum guidelines because the guidelines are supposed to be the minimum amount a parent will receive as child support. In Theory, The Guidelines are intended to be the floor rather then the ceiling for child support. In actuality, the minimum guidelines are used in the vast majority of Rhode Island Child Support cases.

The court is entitled to look at the assets of a party in determining child support. The Family Court can also look at extraordinary expenses of either party and can look at the needs and expenses of the parties. The Court can look at any circumstances the judge believes appropriate in determining child support. If a person is underemployed or refusing to work when capable of working then the court can determine the earning capacity of the party. Some Judges consistently go over the minimum child support guidelines.

The Rhode Island Child Support guidelines uses an income shares model in which the  adjusted gross income of both parents are used to determine the correct amount of child support. Essentially, the guidelines look at the combined adjusted Gross income of both parties. Adjusted gross income means the gross income of a party with certain required deductions from gross income for medical insurance & dental insurance.  Another required deduction is for additional minor dependants (children). There are also certain discretionary deductions that some judges may allow such as life insurance costs.

After determining the combined adjusted gross income of the parties, the Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines should be utilized to determine what the state of Rhode Island believes that two parents with that amount of adjusted gross income would pay for support if the parents were still residing together. After that number is determined daycare expenses are added onto that amount.

The non custodial parent pursuant to the minimum guidelines should be obligated to pay a percentage of that amount set forth above that is the same same percentage of that persons adjusted gross income to the total adjusted gross income of both parties.

For example: If Mom makes 00 a month and dad makes 00 a month and each has 0 dollars of medical insurance payments then the adjusted gross income of mom is 0 and the adjusted gross income of dad is 3800. The combined adjusted gross income of both is 00. Dad makes .6 percent of the combined adjusted gross income of the parties and is required to pay 82.6 percent of