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How does a belly button in one of men may change from a one Innie outie?

Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of riddim3456 : How does a belly button in one of the men from a Innie outie one can
I’m not a sick person because of this. Although a doctor’s participation. For example, in rings, Kane, the cameras showed itself in the ring, but his navel is apparently an Innie. During the match, Kane’s belly button an “infant” as outie.Obwohl, like a well-built person (as Kane), whose belly button can shift from Innie outie was Best Answer:

reply mmr123
I have never seen that before, what does it mean a new Innie but then turns into an outie. Usually, it is transformed into an outie, if you gain weight or I guess really breathe deep.

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